Student Writing — “Relaxation” by Ibrahim Al-Arifi

Ibrahim is from Saudi Arabia, and is a long-term student taking English courses here at EC Miami.  He wrote this essay after attending Michelle’s lecture on relaxation!

Relaxation has many ways to define it. Some say it’s to be free from tension and anxiety and stress and some say it’s an absence of arousal.  Others say it’s a release of tension.  I think that is all true but for me I find relaxation when I go to a peaceful place like the beach and sit there alone without a phone, without anything that bothers me.  Also, I like to sleep sometimes when I get stressed because sleeping is very good to relax and it makes you forget about anything that bothers you and when I wake up I am in a good mood.  People use kinds of relaxation such as yoga, tai chi, massage, and listening to soft music.  Some of them use other ways like traveling to other countries to find quiet places or lay down on the beach.  But I think people should know that too much relaxing is not healthy because you get too lazy or gain too much weight.  It’s not good for the body, either.  So my advice to everybody is to look for your own relaxation application and not do it too much, only when you get stressed or have anxiety.