Halloween Lecture at EC Miami

  Today, Eric gave his most recent academic lecture … this time about Halloween! Eric told us about the history behind this “holiday” (we still work, so it’s hard to consider it to be a real holiday). And, in true Eric fashion, he made sure to create spaces during his lecture to try and scare the students and staff. In the spirit of Halloween. He also had some examples of jack-o-lanterns — pumpkins that he carved himself. He’s become pretty famous here because of what he can do with them. Next Thursday, come to the student lounge and learn how to do them, yourself! Find out more about General English courses in Miami

Coming Up … Halloween Lecture

Halloween is just around the corner!  Don’t forget that here at EC Miami, costumes are required!  In order to get in the spirit of the day, Eric will be giving a lecture on Thursday about Halloween.  All students are able to attend, with times both in the morning and afternoon.  Come see Eric and learn about this spooooky holiday!

Idiom of the Week – “Wiped Out”

It’s been “one of those days”.  You know how it is … You have to get up very early in the morning.  You spend hours sitting in traffic.  After you get to work, you run around like a crazy person and never get a break.  On top of all that, when you get home after work (more traffic!), you have to go grocery shopping, do laundry, and cook dinner.  But you don’t want to do any of that – because you are completely wiped out. Perhaps your English classes in Miami have you wiped out.  Maybe you’re wiped out because of so much work.  Maybe not sleeping so much has you wiped out.  Perhaps the incredible number of things you have to do is wiping you out.  No matter the reason, you’re not sure if you’re going to be able to cook dinner.  You’re so wiped out that you will probably order some food to be delivered.  One less thing to worry about. Of course, by this point, you know that if you are wiped out, you are exhausted.  You’re very tired.  You don’t want to move.  You just want to relax and fall asleep. You’re not just tired, you’re wiped out.  Relax.  Take it easy.  Tomorrow’s a new day.

Idiom of the Week – “Paint a Picture”

  Do you see Felipe?  Do you know what he’s doing?  He‘s painting a picture. It isn’t necessary to be artistic to be able to paint a picture.  To paint a picture, you just need to be able to use words.  In fact, if you are painting a picture, you will probably use many descriptive words.  After all, if you want to paint an accurate picture, you will need to be very descriptive. If not, the picture that you painted won’t be very clear, and people will be confused.  Many of our students here at EC Miami paint pictures for their friends and families back home to describe their times here both in and out of class.  In fact, many of our students from colder climates are painting very warm pictures and making everyone at home envious. Of course, by now you know that to paint a picture is to describe a situation in a certain way.  Another expression that you won’t be able to find in your translator or bilingual dictionary! Just take English classes in Miami to learn more idioms!

Idiom of the Week: “Under the Weather”

  Look at this married couple with Death looking over their shoulder.  Do they look healthy to you?  Perhaps a little under the weather?  More than that, judging by the looks on their faces, they have clearly taken a turn for the worse.  They look much more than sick —  they’ve taken such a turn for the worse, that they look to be at Death’s door. Don’t worry, these students  from our Halloween celebration last October are only illustrating what it means to take a turn for the worse – to become more ill.  Frequently, this idiom is used for diseases that rapidly become worse.  Often, the word sudden will be used to indicate a very quick and unexpected change. It’s easy to learn idiomatic expressions when you are enrolled in English classes in Miami!