Student testimonial: Alexandr Shcheglov and Anastasia Shcheglova

Here at EC we have students from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds who sign up for our ESL Miami courses! This even includes family members and spouses who sign up and take courses together! Come meet one of our couples in the spotlight, Anastasia and Alexandr from Russia! How long have you been together? Anastasia: We are together 3 years but know each other for 8 years. Alexandr: 3 years Where and how did you meet? Anastasia: We met in nightclub. I have already come from China and Alex came from Croatia. Alexandr: We met in nightclub. What do you like most about each other? Anastasia: He is smart and funny. He makes me laugh everytime. Alexandr: She is perfect! The best woman that I have ever seen. What do you think about marriages with couples of different ages? Anastasia: That’s not bad. Everything depends on character. When husband younger than you he has more energy. Alexandr: Older women are wise and understand everything from one word. What advice would you give to someone about marriage? Anastasia: Love each other, be patient, … and spend a lot of time together. Alexandr: Love each other and listen careful what your partner wants. Names: Alexandr Shcheglov and Anastasia Shcheglova Nationality: Russian Age: Alexander is 23 and Anastasia 25 Course: Semi Intensive 24 Level: Alexander is in Pre-Advanced 1A and Anastasia is in Cambridge Advanced Exam Prep

Student Testimonial: Olga from Ukraine

EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Olga from Ukraine! Why did you choose Miami? “I mean because the weather is good. I heard this question all the time. And yes, I’m chose Miami because in here the weather is good. Everyday I open a new place of my choosing. In fact, my second choice was EC school. One place where you can meet perfect people and feel professionalism everywhere. At EC school, we have good teachers and active lessons. I’m practicing my English everyday, everywhere and I feel confident. Now I have friends from different parts of the world. I can visit Switzerland and try tasty chocolate, I can see a Brazilian carnival and I’m sure that Italy will cook for me the best pasta carbonara. Afer I can drop in the heart of Japan and visit other countries where my friends are. Study. Friends. Travelling. Sun. Love – Happy everyday!” Name: Olga Boiko Nationality: Ukrainian Age: 28 Course: Intensive 30 Level: Pre-Intermediate 1A

Student testimonial: Alice from Italy

Our students know that EC is the best place for ESOL Miami courses, and they are excited to share why they chose EC, what they love about EC and why they would recommend EC to their friends! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Alice from Italy! “Hi, I’m Alice, an Italian EC student. I choose this destination because I think Miami is a cool city. You can mix your studies with fun at the same time. Also EC here is very good. All staff are funny and available for every problems, all type of assistance, and sometime they organize interesting trip around the city. I also appreciate that the classes are not too much big and this is good because the teachers can take care of all single student. For sure I will recommend it to my friends, and at everyone that want learn English. School is a good way to meet people from different countries and you can go back after this experience not just with the English knowledge but also learn something about different cultures. For sure I wouldn’t forget this experience. Right now it is my second month here and I have just one more month to spend here. I’m sure will be even better than the previous.” Name: Alice Galigani Nationality: Italian Age: 22 Course: Intensive 30 Level: Cambridge Advanced Exam Prep

Student testimonial: Gillard from Switzerland

EC Miami is home to some of the best English courses in Miami for international students and our students are excited to share why they chose us and how much they love our school and our city! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Gillard from Switzerland! “Miami has always been a city that I wanted to come. The all package (weather, beach, ocean and parties) is very nice and interesting. I have learned a lot of things in two months and now I feel more comfortable in speaking with others people. Of course I would recommend EC to my friends, like a friend of mine, Gigi, did for me! When I leave I will remember the best professor: Chris, my classmate Hussam (March Student of the Month) and all the people I have met here! Thanks for all EC!” Name: Gillard Michael Nationality: Switzerland Age: 23 Course: Semi Intensive 24 Level: Pre Advanced 1A

Student Testimonial: Beste from Turkey

EC Miami is home to some of the best English courses in Miami for international students and our students are excited to share why they chose us and how much they love our school and our city! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Beste from Turkey! “EC is the best language school if you want to learn English and at the same time know your city where you are staying. Their locations are amazing and in every city you can learn English center of the city where is the school. I have been in EC San Francisco, after that EC Miami, and now I am going to EC New York. So, you can change your location between EC schools and you can meet more people and you can have more experiences. It is really easy and more fun with EC family. It was a pleasure for me being in EC Miami. Thank you so much.” Name: Beste Tekel Nationality: Turkish Age: 24 Course: Intensive 30 Level: High Intermediate 1A

Student Testimonial: Junior from Brasil

EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Junior from Brazil! “I couldn’t do best choice. Very beautiful place and very good school. I feel that I improved so much. It’s too important to enjoy every moment to talk to the classmates, teacher, to know new friends and to know other cultures. I won’t forget the attention, education and all the professional. I’m sure I recommend to all you guys!!” Name: Junior Cruz Nationality: Brazilian Age: 34 Course: Semi-Intensive 24 Level: Pre-Intermediate

Student testimonial: Marjorie from Brazil

EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Marjorie from Brazil! We asked Marjorie how her level of English has changed since coming to EC, what she likes most about her experience here in Miami and what she will remember the most. This is what she told us: “For sure I improved my vocabulary and my grammer. I made a lot of new friends, most of them from Europe. Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Italy and South Korea. I will remember everything. My home stay family (they are awesome), my firends, the lessons, the EC activities, the teachers. I had a wonderful time here in EC Miami and if someone wants to be an exchange student, Miami is a nice place to live.” Name: Marjorie Carvalho Nationality: Brazilian Age: 25 Course: General English 20 Level: Cambridge Advanced Exam

Student testimonial: Nina from Morocco

EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Bouchra (Nina) from Morocco! “Miami is the best place to be specifically in winter. I’m here for six months already and I’m still enjoying every moment here. Miami became my home and EC became my family. I choosed EC based on internet and the ex students comments but it surpassed my expectation. My knowledge of English and American culture is improving day after day because of EC. Thanks for making my life better.” Name: Bouchra (Nina) Fikri Nationality: Moroccan Age: 27 Course: Semi Intensive 24 Level: Pre-Advanced

Teacher Feature: Alexis Heintz

EC Miami stops to interview some of our amazing teachers and staff about who they are, what they enjoy, and what they love most about EC! Today’s Teacher Feature is our wonderful new teacher, Alexis! Alexis Heintz   Where are you from? What brought you to Miami?  I like to say I’m from “Planeta Terra”, because I never know how to answer this simple question with a simple answer. What brought me to Miami? Family members mostly, and the sun : ) Where have you traveled and where are your favorite places to visit? I have been very fortunate to have traveled to several countries already and I hope to continue my travels throughout my life! I don’t know which country I’d call my favorite, but I loved each place for its unique beauty. The countries that left the biggest impression on me were Vietnam, Cuba, India, China, Egypt, and Brazil. What are some of your favorite foods and hobbies? All foods from Asia and pizza of course! My favorite hobby is dancing, specifically belly dancing & salsa! What is your favorite thing about Miami? I love that I can walk down the street and hear a multitude of languages. What are your recommendations for students to check out? Students should check out the full-moon kayaking that you can do at night in some of the parks in the area. What is your favorite thing about working as a teacher for EC Miami? I love the students & the location! What class levels do you teach? I’ve been teaching all levels as a substitute and it has been great getting to know many different students this way! Anything else you want to tell the students? Get out of Miami so that you can appreciate Miami’s uniqueness and see how it is so different from the rest of the US! Join Alexis and take English courses in Miami for international students!

Class enjoys a coffee break on Lincoln Road during their English courses in Miami for international students

Here at EC Miami our classes become like family! Students and teachers spend hours everyday together and grow as a group as they advance through the English language. So what happens when an entire class is ready to advance to the next level together? They celebrate of course! And that is exactly what Kathy’s class did last week as they finished their last day at the High Intermediate level and prepared to level-up to the Pre-Advanced level! Kathy and her students took the celebration outdoors and soaked up some of the gorgeous Miami sunshine during a coffee break on the world-famous Lincoln Road. Only steps away from the EC Miami center, Kathy and her students were able to enjoy this celebratory time as a whole group outside the classroom and had a delicious coffee break all together! Join Kathy and the rest of our EC family for English courses in Miami for international students!