Student Testimonial: Nayara from Brazil

Members of our EC community share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses!

Nayara from Brazil talks about her ESL Miami courses


Why did you choose this destination? “Because of the weather of Miami, which is similar to the Brazil. I don’t like cold.”

What did you learn? “I learned to speak and write English in a simple and direct way.”

How much did you improve? “Enough. When I arrived in the USA, I did not speak any English. Now I can communicate.”

What was your favorite EC Activity? “I like all activities, all are important for me.”

What did you like most about the school/lessons? “The way in which teacher teach, which are clear, and I can understand.”

What did you like most about your accommodation? “I lived for two months in host family, and now I am in a student apartment. I live with four students from different countries. I am loving. Is very good to practice English. Is an amazing experience.”

Would you recommend EC to a friend? “Of course. I believe that English is essential. And EC school is ready to receive students willing to learn English.”

Where did your new friends come from? “I have friends from Switzerland, Turkey, Colombia and Saudi Arabia.”

What did you like most about the social leaders? “I have nothing to complain about. Everyone is always ready to help me.”

What will you remember from your stay? “Only good memories, and a great learning. An experience for all live. I’ll never forget.”

Name: Nayara Prate Pena

Nationality: Brazilian

Age: 19

Course: Semi Intensive 24

Level: Elementary 2