Student use cutting-edge technology in ESL Miami classes

Students at EC Miami use our state-of-the-art Interactive White Boards to present their exciting multimedia projects during their English for Work elective course! One of the reasons our students love our ESL Miami courses is because EC is the only school in Miami Beach that has this incredible technology! Read what our students have to say about this fun project…


Maria and Pietro presenting during their ESL Miami class



“This project we did in Kathy’s class was really funny. Me, Pascal and Maria worked on it during our elective classes for a week. The idea was very simple and we developed it with the help of Prezi. The English for Work class is always very funny and interesting. Thanks Kathy!”

Pietro Tansini Petrali


Age 20


“Our presentation is very simple but relevant. Our company is a real estate agency for luxury apartments “In the Clouds” on the top floors of skyscrapers. I think that it’s a promising business idea. It was interesting to work with my colleagues. Pascal is from France and Pietro is from Italy. Of course our language inside group was English. Thanks EC School for my elective class with Kathy. English for work it is fantastic!”

Maria Kavrus


Age 24

Burcu and Ana presenting during their ESL Miami course




“It was a very fun project! I’m very happy to being part this group… 🙂 Thank you!”

Burcu Gkahmetoglu


Age 40


“It was great to present our project to the class! We learnt how to use Prezi, which is similar to power point but more dynamic, and we had the chance to practice our speaking skills.”

Ana El Beck


Age 29