Student Testimonial: Beste from Turkey

EC Miami is home to some of the best English courses in Miami for international students and our students are excited to share why they chose us and how much they love our school and our city! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Beste from Turkey!

Beste takes English courses in Miami for international students

“EC is the best language school if you want to learn English and at the same time know your city where you are staying. Their locations are amazing and in every city you can learn English center of the city where is the school. I have been in EC San Francisco, after that EC Miami, and now I am going to EC New York. So, you can change your location between EC schools and you can meet more people and you can have more experiences. It is really easy and more fun with EC family. It was a pleasure for me being in EC Miami. Thank you so much.”

Name: Beste Tekel

Nationality: Turkish

Age: 24

Course: Intensive 30

Level: High Intermediate 1A