Student Testimonial: Marco from Italy

EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Marco from Italy! “Study at EC Miami is fabulous. I think that EC Miami is the perfect school if you want to improve your English quickly and have fun at the same time. I love all of it, starting from the building, located on the amazing Lincoln Road. The teachers are very friendly and they always try to give you all their knowledge. Thanks to EC school I met a lot of new friends from all over the world. It’s unbelievable! So, I definitely recommend EC school Miami to all of my friends. Thank you!” Name: Marco Tersigni Nationality: Italian Course: General English 20 Level: Intermediate

Witty Word Wednesday: “on fleek”

Every Wednesday EC Miami brings you a new witty, interesting or funny word! Flex your English muscles and start to utilize it in your daily life! Are you an expert in Business English? If not come on in and learn how slang is NOT always appropriate in the business world but it can help you navigate the streets of Miami!     on fleek the quality of being perfect, or on point source   This week’s word was chosen by: Kristin Espinar Academic Director Why did you chose this word? “It’s a fun new slang word that keeps popping up among native speakers and on social media, so I thought our EC Miami students should know what it means!” Use it in a sentence! “My sunglasses are on fleek!” “The Cambridge First Certificate prep class is on fleek!” “Michelle’s dress and hair was on fleek today!”

Staff Feature: Marlayna “Marley” Urbanski

EC Miami always has something new happening. This week our lovely Center Director Amanda is going on maternity leave to welcome her baby boy to the world. In light of this exciting news, we wanted to introduce you to our interim Center Director Marley, who will fill Amanda’s shoes while she is out. Here is a little about our newest EC Miami team member, Marley! Marlayna “Marley” Urbanski Where are you from?  I was actually born in Northern Florida and I lived in the Miami area for 4 years as well as near Disney World for about a year. I moved to New England when I was a teenager and have called it home ever since. I live in Cambridge, MA home of Harvard and MIT. Where have you traveled and what was your favorite experience abroad? I have lived in and seen quite a few places in this world, but my most favorite recent memory from abroad would be listening to the street musicians in the Piazza San Marco in Venice. What is your favorite thing about Miami? Well I haven’t even been here for five days but I can tell you one thing I love: the beach! What is your most memorable moment at EC so far? There are so many but my favorite moments are when I get to speak to the students and learn about them and why they want to learn English. What is something else you want to tell the students about your experience? I have lived and taught English in South Korea and Mexico. My youngest student was 2 years old! Drop by EC Miami and meet Marley and find out about how you can Study English in USA!

Student Testimonial: Salman from Saudi Arabia

Here at EC Miami we like to make sure we always give our students our very best. How do we do this? Besides keeping our school in top shape with excellent facilities, we carefully select our staff and teachers to join our team! We welcome all feedback from our students, and make sure we listen to what our students have to say! EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Salman Alotaibi. “I feel very lucky when I select EC miami for study  English language  because my English language  has improved quickly, in my opinion I think the reasons for that are: 1- Qualified teaching staff and friendly and they also keen to teaching with distinctive and exciting ways 2- Textbooks and courses are useful and good, classrooms equipped with modern technology 3- The study environment is very good because  there are alot of amazing activities.  Best Regards Salman Alotaibi” Name: Salman Alotaibi Nationality: Saudi Arabian Course: Academic Year 30 Level: Upper Intermediate

Student Testimonial: Dai from Japan

EC students share with us why they chose to take our ESL Miami courses! Come meet one of our students in the spotlight, Dai from Japan! At EC Miami our Students like to write testimonials about their unique experience at EC Miami. Some students write it in first person, other students write in the third person. Student testimonials are great because it allows the students to express themselves freely, and share their opinions with the world. See below what our student Dai had to say about his experience at EC Miami. Came to Miami Beach because he wanted a place with no Asians (for English). American friends want to talk to him because of his outfits. He saw Bttf 3 when he was a kid, and wanted to dress like MJF. In SF he dressed in hip-hop style, but thought that it couldn’t be appreciated in Miami Beach. He gets along well with the Saudi guys, they like him because they have things in common. Name: Dai Okamoto Nationality: Japanese Course: Academic Year 30 Level: Pre-Intermediate

Student Testimonial: Mickel Brandt and Naika Celant from Switzerland

Here at EC we have students from all over the world, and from all different backgrounds who sign up for our ESL Miami courses! This even includes family members and spouses who sign up and take courses together! Come meet one of our couples in the spotlight,Mickel Brandt and Naika Celant from Switzerland! How long have you been together? Mickel: too much…I’m just kidding 😉 4 and a half years Naika: 4 and a half years When and how did you meet? Mickel: July 2010, in a festival in Switzerland Naika: We met in July 2010 at a party What do you like most about each other? Mickel: She makes me laugh, her kindness, her great heart, she is generous, helpful, beautiful, and she cooks very well. Naika: He is funny, attractive, very helpful! He makes me laugh all the time and I’m never bored with him, he is the perfect man 🙂 What advice would you give to other couples? Mickel: Speak when there is a poblem. Share some moments only between lovers. Naika: Always listen to each other, speak when there is a problem, and spend a lot of time together. Would you like to say anything about your EC Miami experience? Mickel: EC Miami is a very good place to meet people from other countries and of course the teachers are very sympathic and nice. I spent 3 months with my girlfriend at EC Miami and it was an incredible experience. I met a lot of new people and I could improve my English very well. Naika: We have spent 3 months together at EC Miami and it was wonderful. It’s easier when you’re two people travelling together because sometimes you need help with the language. It was a really great time and I would recommend EC to … Read more

Student of the Month – Mosab Khayat

Mosab Khayat Intermediate Student’s Hometown Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Student Thoughts About Miami “What is up? It’s your boy, Emmz. I’m reporting to you live from EC Miami, my second home, where you can find the finest teachers and staff. Miami is the first stop on my journey and I’m already loving it, homies. You gotta try relaxing on the white sands and getting a tan while enjoying a cocktail. It feels like heaven! Boy, clubs are dope here. You can find concerts from time to time. Last but not least, if you’re planning to learn English and you ain’t coming to EC, then you trippin.” Kimberly’s Comments about Mosab “Mosab has been wonderful ever since he arrived at our school. He has been very involved with student activities and community service. Mosab also helps other students who struggle with their English. He is very kind to everyone and has a very positive sense of humor.” Are you ready to learn in a dynamic classroom where you can not only learn how to use slang as well as Mosab, but also perfect your Business English ? Come join us for a fantastic ESL Miami experience!

EC Miami Staff Member of the Month – Kimberly Kelso

  Kimberly Kelso Designated School Official Hometown Cleveland, Ohio Kimberly’s Miami Recommendation Go to downtown Miami and try the local Cuban restaurants. The most authentic Cuban food you can get in the US is only in Miami. I recommend the Cuban sandwich with a café con leche or a Cuban espresso if you’re feeling tired. Random Fact I’ve been learning Argentine Tango for almost two years. Do you need to improve your English for your profession? If you are interested in learning Business English in sunny Miami come check us out and find the lovely Kimberly who will be happy to answer your questions!

Student Services DSO, Lynnette Rivers, talks about her favorite restaurant experience in Miami Beach for students taking English courses in Miami!

Witty Word Wednesday: flabbergast

Every Wednesday EC Miami brings you a new witty, interesting and useful word! Flex your English muscles and start to utilize it in your daily life! Learn this and more by joining us for a Business English course! This week’s word was chosen by: Lynnette Rivers Student Services Manager   flab·ber·gast ˈflabərˌɡast/ verb informal past tense: flabbergasted; past participle: flabbergasted 1.    surprise (someone) greatly; astonish. source Use it in a sentence!  “When the man received a ten thousand dollar cellphone bill, he was flabbergasted.” “Standing next to my favorite celebrity, I was too flabbergasted to speak.” “As a student on a tight budget, he was flabbergasted by the huge cost of his electric bill.”  

EC Miami Students Visit Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

On Saturday, April 19th,  our students and Kimberly enjoyed a gorgeous day at one of Miami’s most important historical sites, the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. They explored the scenic gardens and took in breathtaking views of the ocean surrounded by Italian architecture. It was a perfect day to take photos and enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine. The students also visited the large mansion located on the property. Inside this amazing home, they saw decorative furniture and art from around the world that originally decorated the rooms over one hundred years ago. It was a great way to experience Miami’s unique history. Brief History of the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens This extensive landmark property is located in the neighborhood of Coconut Grove. Built in 1914, the estate was originally the private home of a wealthy  businessman named James Deering. The gardens and home were inspired by both Venetian and Tuscan Renaissance styles. Deering imported furniture and art from Europe and China to decorate the vast interior of his mansion.   After Deering passed away in 1925, his family members inherited his property. In 1953, Vizcaya opened as a museum to the public. In 1994, it was named a National Historic US Landmark. Are you ready to integrate what you learn in the classroom with real life experiences as an ESL student in Miami? Come Study English in USA and join us at EC’s location in Miami for more fun exploration of the city and good times in the classroom. Learn more about  Vizcaya Museum and Gardens!