Feature: Twins Studying at EC Miami English Center

Currently we have two sets of twins at EC taking English classes in Miami! Maryangel and Humberto are from Venezuela. Here is what Maryangel has to say: “First of all, I chose the destination because the weather; it is very good! I couldn’t live in a cold climate, so I love Miami’s weather and the beaches. I’m improving my English a lot. First, I can say my teachers are the best. Second, where I’m living most of my friends just speak to me in English, so that helps. I will remember my teachers, my friends, and the good things that I have had! About my twin: The best thing about being twins is that we can trust each other, we spend a lot of time together, we have many things in commin, sometimes we enjoy doing the same things, we go out together, and support each other mutually. Sometimes we have our problems but we can’t stay mad at each other for long. Sometimes we fight but we can always support each other and solve the problem together. I could say he is the best brother ever and I love him so much.” This is what Humberto has to say: “I chose Miami for its climate and beaches, also for the city. I have been before and I liked it. Since I came to Miami, I’ve learned a lot of things. Now I’ve improved my English. My first day I didn’t know how to keep a conversation. Now I do. I like sports activities. I’ve met a lot of people form different countries. One thing that I like about being twins is that we are always supporting each other. We are always together. She’s a great sister!”      

Euny Ryu, EC Miami Student of the Month

Student of the Month at EC Miami English School

  Euny Ryu, the EC Miami student of the month, who is from South Korea, has some thoughts that she would like to share: “Don’t compare me with other people. I’m bright to the world with my own light. It is my attitude toward life since I was young. I’m trying to find my own light through experiences and traveling. Above all, Miami is giving me a bunch of experiences, not just English ability. I don’t know that what is exactly, but I can feel that I’m changing. Especially, the best one for me is that I got best friends from all over the world. We have different appearances, cultures and languages, but I have learned to have conversations with each. Also, the longer I lived in Miami, the more I thought that I should appreciate all that I had and did. If someone asks me about my life in Miami, I will tell to them. ‘I am in love with all of the moments there–still now.’” Euny’s teacher, Francesca, has the following to say about her: “It has been a pleasure having ‘Euny’ in class. She is always dedicated to her studies, focused on excellence. She also demonstrates great leadership and social responsibility in the classroom. Her sunny disposition and clever attitude make for a great classroom experience. I am so proud of her progress and feel confident that she will continue to succeed.” As Euny stated above, she learned a lot not just from her English classes in Miami, but also from her experiences in Miami and the conversations she has had with the many people she has met here.

Our Previous Member at EC Miami

Meet Our Newest Member at EC Miami!

  We welcome Joel Krikorian, our newest staff member here at EC Miami! He is our new Student Services Coordinator, and his goal is to ensure that our students have a very positive experience while they take English classes in Miami. He mostly sits at the front desk, answering students’ questions and helping them with any concerns that they may have. Before joining EC Miami, Joel taught English for approximately four years, including one and a half years in Korea. He also worked as an administrative support professional for seven years and in financial services for four years. He has a bachelor’s degree in political science, a master’s degree in applied linguistics/English language instruction, and an educational specialist degree in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL). Joel looks forward to working with the teachers, staff, and students at EC Miami! Say hi when you walk into the school!