Meet Otavio Luiz, EC Miami Student Ambassador

Otavio talks about his journey as EC Miami's Student Ambassador
Otavio Luiz, EC Miami Student Ambassador


At EC, a top-notch English school in Miami, we provide students with excellent opportunities to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills and utilize what they learn in class in the outside world. To be a Student Ambassador at EC Miami, students are required to be enrolled in the intermediate or upper English program for at least 6 weeks, have excellent attendance, and complete the application form. As a reward and our way to say thank you to the Student Ambassadors, we give the students an EC Certificate of Acknowledgement and an authorized letter of recommendation from the Center Director.

Meet Otavio Luiz, a Student Ambassador at EC Miami! He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he has been with EC Miami for a month. Only a month in and he has been doing an amazing job as a Student Ambassador! Since being with EC Miami and becoming a Student Ambassador, he has impeccable confident to communicate with native speakers. Read Otavio’s biography below.


My name is Otavio Luiz, I am from Brazil. It is my first time ever here in the United States, and so far I love it. Miami Beach is a tourist city, so you will get to know not only about the American culture, but also the Hispanic one. I have been here since June 13th, and since then I must say that it has been a great experience. You can get to know a lot of other students from all over the world. In the classes, the teachers are very helpful and they do their best to make sure that you are learning.

I am really happy for being here. I feel that my English is improving over time and now I also feel more confident when talking to a native speaker. If I could give you some advice, use the most of your time here to talk in English, mix with other nationalities. Also, watch American television, because you will get used to how a native speaker sounds like, and your listening skills will improve.


Otavio Luiz

EC Miami Student Ambassador

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil