Rocco Premoli’s Journey with EC Miami

Rocco talks about his stay in Miami while studying an English course for 6 months with EC Miami
Meet Rocco Premoli from Italy


At EC Miami, we have a diverse group of individuals who came together to learn English through our offered English courses. One of these fantastic students is Rocco Premoli from Italy. Rocco’s personality could turn any frown right side up.

I chose to learn English in Miami because it is a beautiful city. There’s the sun, the beach, and the people here are exciting and cordial. If you ask me about the school, EC Miami is the BEST!

I was a student at EC Miami for 6 months. The people I met at school were nice and I made a lot of friends from different countries. The teachers are nice as well, but you do need to study to succeed! The staff were a lot of help during my stay. The staff were the BEST! Miami is a good and crazy city.

Finally, it was a beautiful experience. I have learned a lot in EC Miami and at the same time had the time of my life. EC Miami is the BEST!!

Rocco Premoli