Take a Trip to Everglades with EC Miami Students


Students were given the opportunity to explore the tropical wetlands in the state of Florida
Everglades Trip with EC Miami Students


Led by our Student Ambassador, a group of EC students were given an astonishing and unique tour of the Miami Everglades. The students were able to see the exotic plantas and animals of that area. The tour consisted of a narrated air-boat ride through the Everglades and unique wetlands, an alligator wildlife educational show, and free time to walk around and explore the park and exhibits.

EC Miami offers a different activity every day, including trips like this one to the Everglades on weekends. Because of its subtropical climate, Miami has lush, beautiful  palm trees and fascinating wildlife. This tour gave students the opportunity to see all of this up close. If you choose to study at our English school in Miami, you can share in these enjoyable experiences with new friends!