Learn English and Miami Culture at Afro Roots World Music Festival

Students learning English in Miami were given the opportunity to learn about different cultures through their music
EC Miami students learned different cultural music at the Afro Roots World Music Festival


Upon arriving in Miami, Florida, the students and staff simply assume that Miami is just a city with amazing beaches. Though the students intend to learn English by the beach, they never expect the many fascinating ways that they become truly immersed in the Miami culture.

For example, recently EC Miami students went to Afro Roots, a world music festival. One of our students, Sheila Nunez, participated in the Afro Roots World Music Festival, and this is what she had to say about the event:

Recently, we went to the Little Haiti Cultural Center, in the Little Haiti neighborhood of Miami, to see a small festival celebrating the evolution of African and Cuban culture.

This is the 17th year that this festival has taken place. Many musicians, singers, and dancers were invited to bring and show us the traditional culture from their countries. Moreover, the group called “Los Herederos” (from Cuba) also explained us the different styles of music from Cuba, how to recognize them, and which instruments they usually use.

They really seem passionate about what they are doing, and that is why, in my point of view, this type of event is very interesting and great because they do not go there to get money or sell CDs. They come simply to bring us a bit of their culture and exchange experiences.

Furthermore, I really liked the Haitian food! I love to discover different types of meals from all around the world, so it was a good opportunity for me to taste it for the first time!

Sheila Nunez