Let’s Go Out to the Ballgame!

Three lucky students and our DSO got to be on the Miami Marlins Field
On the Miami Marlins Field for the Opening of the Game


At EC Miami, we encourage students to participate in activities to further their English course experience in Miami. Students watched the Miami Marlins VS Philladelphia Phillies Baseball Game at the Marlins Park. Our Designated School Official (DSO), Kimberly Kelso, and three lucky students were given the opportunity to be on the field for the opening of the game. In addition to that, one of our students who watched the game, Felipy Pereira Vale, got to deliver the Rosin bag to the pitcher’s mount.

The Marlins Park is located approximately 2 miles (3km) west of Downtown Miami. This stadium was designed in a neomodern form of baseball architecture. In fact, it is the sixth Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium to have a retractable roof and the third smallest MLB stadium with a seating capacity of 37,442 people.