Claudia’s English Course Experience at EC Miami

EC Miami English School Student Testimonials
Meet Claudia Chiovoloni and Edoardo Giubilei


This week’s student testimonial was written from Claudia Chiovoloni. She is from Italy. She talks about her English course experience in Miami with her boyfriend, Edoardo Giubelei, by her side.

They’re extremely friendly and outgoing too! One of their favorite EC Miami activity was the weekly Basketball Club led by Gammal and Christopher. Let’s read about her experience at EC Miami!

 I chose EC Miami because I’d never been to Miami before. I have improved my speaking and vocabulary skills and I think I improved sufficiently. I met new friends from Brazil, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

My favorite EC activity was the basketball club. It was led by the funniest teachers in the school, Gammal and Christopher. In addition to that, the monthly Food Truck and Music Fest was worth it! I would definitely recommend EC Miami to my friends in Italy!


Claudia Chiovoloni