Miami English Course from Kristin & Alexander’s Experiences

Miami English Course from Kristin & Alexander's Experiences
Two EC Miami Students from Germany


EC Miami is unique as it is located in the heart of South Beach. Not only do EC Miami provides all levels of Miami English Course to students, we also provide interesting activities to students. In addition to that, we highlight their experiences with EC Miami and adventures in Miami.

Meet Kristin Kuehnlein and Alexander Moldowan from Germany! Their friendly and charming personality have made their stay in Miami a memorable experiences. Read about their journey with EC Miami!

When we had to describe EC Miami, there are three things that came in our mind; great people, entertaining classes, and beautiful beaches. We chose EC Miami because of the sunny weather, nice landscape, and cosmopolitan people.

We thought our experience would be great, but it has exceeded our expectations. The whole EC Miami team is very friendly and always helpful regarding our problems and questions. Classes are always fun and instructive, so we look forward to go to class everyday. You get to meet new people from all around the world and you have the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures

Beside school, there are plenty of different activities such as playing basketball, visiting the Everglades, or snorkeling at Key West. The time has passed so quickly and we wish we could stay longer. We would repeat our time at any time!



Kristin Kuehnlein & Alexander Moldowan