Learn English as Our Student Ambassador

Learn English as a Student Ambassador in Miami with EC
Meet Renan Jr, EC Miami’s Student Ambassador


At EC Miami, we encourage students to part-take the EC Miami Student Ambassador program as another medium to learn English. As a reward, the Student Ambassador will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate! Meet Renan De Almeida Jr, one of our three Student Ambassador, and his experience at EC Miami.


Not only did Renan talked about his adventures at Miami with EC Miami, he also talks about one of the FREE activities we held for the students. Last Thursday, he participated in a Yoga Class led by EC Miami’s own Assistant Academic Director, Michelle Brillouet. Read what Renan has to say about his unique EC Miami experiences.


My name is Renan Jr, I’m from Brasilia, Brazil. This is my second time in Miami. In my opinion, Miami is an AMAZING city because here you will have a great experience in Miami. I’ve been living in Miami since July 2015 and I love staying here! Every week, I will meet new people and make new friends. I’m certain that I have made long-life friends. If I could give you an advice, I would suggest making new friends from others countries, because not only will you learn English at EC Miami, you will learn another language through the friends you made at EC Miami.

Last Thursday, we had Michelle teaching us yoga positions. She also talked about the benefits a person could achieve by practicing yoga at a daily basis. I was really interested to learn about yoga because a lot of Brazilians practices yoga. It was nice to learn about the benefits of yoga because it helps you to relax! I recommend everyone trying yoga for the first time to do it with Michelle!

Renan Jr


Student Ambassador