Learn English Through Our Students’ Experience

Gammal's EC Miami Graduating Class of September 25
Gammal’s Graduating Class of September 25


EC Miami is centrally located at the heart of South Beach, and we see our students create memories in the school as well as outside the school. As we said ‘see you later’ to our September 25 graduating class, two of Gammal’s previous students wrote about their EC Miami experiences. Let’s learn English through their eyes!

Christine Gygax from Switzerland talks about EC Miami’s excellent teacher, as well as, the funny and friendly individuals she has met during her 3 weeks stay at Miami. Meanwhile, Hideyuki Kobayashi from Japan talks about his wonderful stay at EC Miami. Let us read about their English experience at EC Miami!

EC Miami is the place to be! With excellent teachers and funny people, you cannot have a dull time in Miami. In addition to that, it’s MIAMI! Thank you EC Miami for this amazing time!

Christine Gygax



I chose Miami to learn English because I wanted to enjoy the beach, the amusement park, and baseball! I was able to enjoy everything I wanted to do in Miami despite my short stay. I had a wonderful time! Thank you so much, EC Miami!!

Hideyuki Kobayashi