Meet our newest Student Ambassador from Morocco

Meet our Student Ambassador: Bouchra (Nina) Fikri

  Have you ever considered taking any English classes in a location that is always sunny and close to the beach? If yes, we provide the perfect English classes in Miami for your needs! At EC Miami, we try to make your stay in Miami as enjoyable and unique as possible. An excellent example of a fun, and interesting Miami experience is becoming a Student Ambassador! Bouchra (Nina) Fikri, from Morocco, is one of our Student Ambassador and she has led amazing activities for her peers. Nina’s outgoing personality is one of the many reasons why she is an amazing representative of our student body.   Miami is the best place to be, especially during the winter! I have already been here for more than six months and I’m enjoying every moment here. Miami became my home and EC Miami’s staff members became my family. I chose EC Miami based on internet and previous students’ comments but this experience has surpassed my expectation. My knowledge of English and American culture is improving day after day because of EC Miami. Thank you for making my life better.   Bouchra (Nina) Fikri Moroccan

Bannarot, a student at EC Miami, wrote about his Everglades trip last weekend

Everglades Trip by Bannarot Sangiampornpanich

  Last weekend, a group of EC Miami students visited the Everglades for the first time. EC Miami tries to provide our students with full immersion English courses in Miami by planning fun-filled activities. One of the activities we plan regularly is the trip to Everglades. Though this activity was led by one of our Student Ambassador, Shoko Yamasaki, Bannarot was gracious enough to write this post. He wrote about his travels with his new international friends. It was an interesting activity for him as he compares the different fauna and flora in the United States to Thailand’s nature. Let us read about his experience at the Everglades!   Everglade National Park is a U.S. National Park in Florida. In the United States, it is the largest tropical wilderness of any kind east of the Mississippi River, and is visited on average by one million people each year. Geography and ecology of the Everglades involve the complex elements affecting the natural environment. Many wild animals live and survive in the Everglades. Last Sunday, I decided to visit Everglade National Park with the school. It was a good opportunity to travel with foreign friends in the United States. My friends at the school invited me to go to Everglade because it has so many wild animals to see in there such as Alligators, great blue herons, great egrets, anhingas, etc. However, I wanted to see wild American animals in Florida. We took a bus from Miami Beach to Everglades around 2 hours, it is not far from Miami. First, I was very excited, when I was looking at airboats in front of me on the river. Second, I sat on an airboat with my friends, and we were talking funnily. The airboat was running very fast. I could see beautiful landscapes in front of … Read more

Meet our new Student Ambassador

Gain Leadership Experience while taking English Courses in the USA

  EC Miami would like to introduce to you our new Student Ambassador. She is from Germany and her outgoing personality was the reason why she was assign to this position. There are perks of taking English courses in the USA, especially taking it with us! We provide leadership opportunities for the students to gain from their experience learning English through our school.   She wrote a testimonial about EC Miami, and how EC Miami has an excellent and diverse atmosphere. Additionally, she wrote about her excitement representing EC Miami as a Student Ambassador. Let’s read what she wrote! I decided to attend EC Miami because of its globalized atmosphere. There are students from all over the world who enjoy learning English. Therefore, we can have conversations and introduce our different cultures to each other. It is also worth mentioning that the teachers do their best to solve our questions in the best way possible. Simultaneously, they become our friend, which gives students an informal atmosphere. All in all, what I love most about EC Miami is that they make us feel at home by organizing various activities to get to know each other and obviously that is the perfect way to make learning fun. I’m glad to have the honor of being EC Miami’s new student ambassador and I am extremely looking forwards to performing my duties.   Zelal Yalcin Germany

Student writing

Full Immersion English Course students enjoy Sushi Party

  Here at EC Miami, we try to make our students stay in Miami as unique and interesting as possible by planning fun-filled activities to ensure a full immersion English courses. Our student ambassador, Shoko Yamasaki, held a sushi party at the student lounge on Wednesday. It was a successful event as we had approximately 20 students who participated in the activity. It was fun to watch the students learned something new and interacting with each other.   One of the student that participated the activity wrote a testimonial on the activity. She was extremely helpful to Shoko in making sure that the activity runs smoothly. She even recommended this activity for other students to join in the near future. Let us read what she has to say!   We had a sushi party after school on January 6th. It was awesome because our student ambassador, Shoko, prepared all food for us and also showed us how to make sushi rolls. There were about 20 students from different countries, so we were divided into 4 groups. I think it was the first time to make sushi for most of them, but everyone seemed to enjoy making and eating sushi, and me too! We should do the same activity again. If you did not know about it this time, I definitely recommend joining it next time.   Ririe Miyamoto Japan  

How English Classes in Miami is the Best!

English classes in Miami are the best – Student

  Gian Reto Kohler was awarded as Student of the Month by Michela Martin. Hiss friendly and outgoing personality was the many reasons why he was chosen as EC Miami’s Student of the Month. He is from Switzerland and he wrote about his time here at EC as well as the English classes we offer in Miami. He mentioned that the main reason why he chose to take English classes in Miami was the amazing weather! He loves the Miami Heat Basketball games that we provide to students monthly, in which a student could sign up at the binder. He has truly enjoyed his time here at EC Miami whether he was in class or having a cup of coffee at Segafredo. Lastly, he recommends everyone to come to EC Miami and enrolled into our English classes. As it was a splendid experience for him and it is worth coming to EC Miami once in your life!

Fun-filled activities for everyone

Full Immersion English Courses in Miami

  EC Miami would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! The picture above is our January 2016 Activities calendar, in which you could get the full immersion English course in Miami! Students could participate in our FREE English class to improve their understanding of the English language.   In addition to that, we provide FREE activities to help students fully immerse themselves into our English courses in Miami such as Dance Band Night or 1111 Sky Yoga. We also give students the opportunity to give back to the community through our Clothing Drive Week event. If there is any activity that caught your interest, come to the front desk to sign up for a full immersion English Courses in Miami!