Gain Leadership Experience while taking English Courses in the USA

EC Miami English Center Student Ambassador Sevcan 'Zelal' Yalcin from Germany
Sevcan ‘Zelal’ Yalcin from Germany


EC Miami would like to introduce to you our new Student Ambassador. She is from Germany and her outgoing personality was the reason why she was assign to this position. There are perks of taking English courses in the USA, especially taking it with us! We provide leadership opportunities for the students to gain from their experience learning English through our school.


She wrote a testimonial about EC Miami, and how EC Miami has an excellent and diverse atmosphere. Additionally, she wrote about her excitement representing EC Miami as a Student Ambassador. Let’s read what she wrote!

I decided to attend EC Miami because of its globalized atmosphere. There are students from all over the world who enjoy learning English. Therefore, we can have conversations and introduce our different cultures to each other. It is also worth mentioning that the teachers do their best to solve our questions in the best way possible. Simultaneously, they become our friend, which gives students an informal atmosphere.

All in all, what I love most about EC Miami is that they make us feel at home by organizing various activities to get to know each other and obviously that is the perfect way to make learning fun. I’m glad to have the honor of being EC Miami’s new student ambassador and I am extremely looking forwards to performing my duties.


Zelal Yalcin