Everglades Trip by Bannarot Sangiampornpanich

Bannarot, a student at EC Miami English Center, wrote about his Everglades trip last weekend
Everglades Trip


Last weekend, a group of EC Miami students visited the Everglades for the first time. EC Miami tries to provide our students with full immersion English courses in Miami by planning fun-filled activities. One of the activities we plan regularly is the trip to Everglades.

Though this activity was led by one of our Student Ambassador, Shoko Yamasaki, Bannarot was gracious enough to write this post. He wrote about his travels with his new international friends. It was an interesting activity for him as he compares the different fauna and flora in the United States to Thailand’s nature. Let us read about his experience at the Everglades!


Everglade National Park is a U.S. National Park in Florida. In the United States, it is the largest tropical wilderness of any kind east of the Mississippi River, and is visited on average by one million people each year. Geography and ecology of the Everglades involve the complex elements affecting the natural environment. Many wild animals live and survive in the Everglades.

Last Sunday, I decided to visit Everglade National Park with the school. It was a good opportunity to travel with foreign friends in the United States. My friends at the school invited me to go to Everglade because it has so many wild animals to see in there such as Alligators, great blue herons, great egrets, anhingas, etc. However, I wanted to see wild American animals in Florida. We took a bus from Miami Beach to Everglades around 2 hours, it is not far from Miami. First, I was very excited, when I was looking at airboats in front of me on the river. Second, I sat on an airboat with my friends, and we were talking funnily. The airboat was running very fast. I could see beautiful landscapes in front of me. Even though, in Thailand we also have the landscapes like Everglades, but it differences between wild animals in America and Thailand. I really enjoyed exploring in Everglade. I was looking for the animals on the river surprisingly. Finally, I found an alligator under water. He looked like a crocodile in my country, in contrast, he had black skin and a short mouth. I could see so many types of bird in Everglade, they were standing on the trees. It was such a beautiful place that I have ever been in Florida.


Bannarot Sangiampornpanich