Let’s Meet Our New Intern – Ryan Nyguen

Hi, there! Let’s meet our new student intern at EC Miami, Ryan Ngyuen, who is from Vietnam. He stated that through his internship, he would like to get professional experience as a staff, improve English, and get exposed to various English accent circumstances. His dream is to own a small English school in his country as a center director. He also has English-related experience in the past. We believe that this internship will certainly give him an opportunity to build up to his career in the future! He recommended a Chinese restaurant called, Hakasan You can check its menu at following URL: http://hakkasan.com/  In his spare time, he usually does a jogging by the South Beach to South Pointe Beach and mentioned that students, who want to join, are more than welcome to do so. I enjoy swimming so let’s go to the beach and swim together!

Learn English through activities!

Learning English in the school only might sound boring. However, if you go and watch sports games with your classmates, it is certainly more exciting! We watched the MLB, Miami Marlin vs Washington National. Don’t limit your English-learning-environment to school and think that Miami is only for the beach. There are tons of things to do in not only in South Beach, but also in Miami Downtown, including baseball, museum, Art street, and fashion mall. Furthermore, we have a wide range of activities, starting from sports activity and free class to Yoga on the beach! If you would like to see more activities, please visit follow URL: https://www.facebook.com/ec.miami/ Once you decide to study at one of EC schools and you are hesitate to which state to go, come here Miami!