Studying English – CNN Student News


Many people decide to study English through various source. Listening or watching a famous news such as CNN, ABC, NBC and so forth is one of the common examples. However, for the beginner or a person who just starts studying English, those news are too challenging for them. Therefore, I, personally, would like to introduce this application as a method of studying English. It is an application called CNN Student News. It basically has 10 minutes non-commercial and deals with various topics around the globe and the target of this news is middle or high school students, which we believe it is an ideal for ESL students. You can simply download this application on your phone, or alternatively, you can watch it on your desktop at:



Try to listen to this news as much as you can. For example, when you are having a meal or on your way to somewhere, you can put it as a background. Look at the transcript and build up your lexicon. The more you expose yourself to English, the better your English will be.