Introduction of one of administrative staff, Alex, at EC Miami

Born: Los Angeles, CA

Lived: San Diego, CA; Olympia, WA; Seattle, WA

Visited: Most of Europe, Mexico and Canada


*Visit my favorite spot in town. The Perez Art Museum! The first Thursday of every month is free, and they have amazing art installations and beautiful outdoor scenery to enjoy!

*Get a quick lunch near school. I am a big fan of Burger and Beer Joint on Bay Road, about 7 minutes walking distance from the school. They have amazing burger options and great drink pairings to go along!

*Explore. Wynwood and the Design District have beautiful buildings and lots of great restaurants to explore. They are easy to get to with public transportation, and the price of an UBER is very cheap.

*Try Buenos Aires Bakery and Café. It’s a great place to watch a soccer game, grab good coffee, and maybe a snack before exploring the parks along the beach by Collins Ave. Their address is 7134 Collins Ave Miami Beach.


Message from Alex:

“Find out more about learning English in Miami by talking to me at the front desk”