EC Miami is a great place to take ESL Courses in Miami.

Chun Yen – EC is a great place to take ESL Courses in Miami

  Chun Yen (Larry) is our student from Taiwan. He has been with us for almost a year. He has already graduated from university with a major in international business. He would like to spend 1 year in the US to learn English. English is crucial for his career development since he will be coming back to Taiwan to work for his father company which is an international company. He had been in EC New York, EC Boston and EC Los Angeles before he came to EC Miami. He started to take ESL Courses in Miami with us since last July until now. Chun Yen shared with us that he had got a lot of difficulties during his first time in the US due to the language barrier. He couldn’t communicate with his roommate who is from Switzerland. He was not able to place an order when he wanted to buy food and drinks. He was afraid of speaking English. And guess what? Just after 2 months at EC Miami, he became more confident in speaking. He could participate more in class and able to express himself in English. He can understand almost what people says. His listening and speaking skills are improving faster than he thought. He even does a lot of things by himself without any difficulties such as finding an apartment, renting car, booking hotel or reporting issues…etc. Furthermore, He’s getting more and more confident to take part in all the activities at EC Miami. The most amazing thing is Chun Yen has become our student ambassador since last month. He’s leading a lot of fun and interesting activities like “Taiwanese Cooking”, “Mandarin Class”, “Kayak with Larry”… His most favorite class at EC is English in the City because he could know more about Miami. He often … Read more


Trampoline Park for everybody

In Miami we have a lot of things to do, but this is one of the more fun activities to do. Sky Zone is designed for everyone, and they want to make sure that you fly safe. They have a lot of attractions that you can try like Ultimate Dodgeball, Freestyle Jump, Skyslam and the Foam Zone. This park is open for all the ages, and is your opportunity to meet new people.   With wall-to-wall trampolines, you’ll be hard pressed to touch them all! In fact, make that a goal, come out and bounce on every trampoline. Thousands of squre feet of fun await you! Climb walls like gravity does not exist. This is a must for all parkour enthusiasts so do not think about it and just go! Is time to give your body a new freedom of movement not possible with games played on fixed courts. The average person can’t dunk a basketball, but here you can be above the rim!  Bring your A game to stand out above the rest! Find out more about Learning English In EC Miami

Taiwanese Cooking Class at EC English Center in Miami

Taiwanese Cooking Class

Welcome everyone to our Taiwanese Cooking Class at EC English Center in Miami by our student ambassador from Taiwan! Chunyen, also known as Larry is a Taiwanese. He would like to introduce his traditional food to our students from different nationalities. Even though most of our students came from Europe, they were so excited to learn how to cook Taiwanese dishes. Larry started by few videos which gave to all participants some basic knowledge about the culture of Taiwan and Taiwanese foods. Taiwan is very famous by night markets. We can find all kind of foods from appetizers to desserts in those street markets. What Larry wanted to show us in his cooking class is the 2 most popular foods in Taiwan that you can easily find anywhere: dumplings and stir fried glass noodles. Larry showed everyone step by step of how to make and cook dumplings. After that, all students were given ingredients to practice and make dumplings by themselves. It was so fun since this is a first time they experience making dumplings. They did a good job though. Besides dumplings and stir fried glass noodles, Larry also prepared some bubble milk tea which is the most favorite drink in Taiwan for everyone to enjoy during waiting time. This is such a great opportunity for students to learn more about Taiwanese culture and cuisine.    

Under 21 in Miami?

You should know that the legal age to drink alcohol in the US is 21 but Miami is a city geared towards those blessed to be 21 and over. For those that are months away from showing that ID to a bouncer here are some places to go that’ll prove the city is more than just the clubs you see on Instagram. Whether you’re there during the day or at night, Lincoln Road has something for everyone. This mall stretches between 16th and 17th street and it’s a great place for shopping or just walk around. Don’t forget to take pictures of the street performers or any celebrities spotted trying to have dinner. Also If you’re on a date night or already had dinner but don’t want to go home yet, walk a bit further until you reach the boardwalk and the beautiful beach. The sun, sand and sparkling water are a major part of Miami’s attraction. Miami’s South Beach is widely regarded as a hot spot. This beach offers volleyball courts and water-sport equipment rentals for those looking to burn some energy. Sunbathers will enjoy South Beach as an ideal spot for watching cruise ships heading out at south pointe park. Additionally, many South Beach establishments, such as Senor Frogs, Clevelander and Nikki Beach, will let you in during the day regardless of age if you want to eat. So you can soak up the scene without having to worry because the law in Dade County, as in many places, is that if you serve food you may have people of any age in your establishment up to a certain time. In Miami is until 11 PM. At the end the best way to enjoy the city is hanging out with friends from around the world and practice your English after your classes at EC English Center … Read more

Activities At EC English Center in Miami

A Field Trip To The Apple Store

What makes students like EC Miami the most is our interesting activities. We offer students a lot of activities which give them experiences not only inside the school but also outside. A Field Trip to Apple store is one of the regular activities at EC Miami. Apple Store is located at 1021 Lincoln Road. It’s just a few steps away from EC English Center in Miami. Therefore, this is a chance for our students to visit the Apple Store easily. The students will be welcomed warmly by Apple staff. There will be one specialist who gives students a tour around the store and introduces new Apple products, new applications. Besides, students will create amazing work right on the spot. They will have some fun and creative projects to do such as taking group pictures, making film trailers, editing videos… This is the time for students to work, have fun and practice English together.  Moreover, students will get some free gifts from Apple like T- Shirts or pen drives after the tour. We believe the Field Trip Program is an activity which students don’t want to miss.  

Juan From Venezuela Shares His Improvement At EC English Center in Miami

Juan Shares His Improvement At EC English Center in Miami.

Our Student Ambassador, Juan Vicente, has been studying at EC English Center in Miami for 4 months. He’s an outgoing and energetic person who can make anyone around happy. He loves music and enjoys seeing people dancing, having fun. It’s our pleasure to have him as a student ambassador. Today, Juan wants to share with us about how he has improved his English so far.   1. Hi Juan! Where are you from?     Hi! I’m from Venezuela. 2. What do you do in your country?     I’m working as a freelance DJ. 3. How long have you learned English?     I’ve learned English for almost 6 years in my country, but that’s just basic English. So, I decided to come to EC Miami to improve my English more. I would like to learn English from native teachers and talk to native people every day. 4. How long have you been at EC Miami?     I started to learn at EC Miami on February 6th, 2017. I will be leaving on June 9th, 2017. Even though it’s only 4 months, I do realize that my English is improving dramatically. At the first time when I came here, I got a lot of difficulties in speaking and understanding English but now I can communicate in English with ease. 5. What do you think about the teachers at EC Miami? Who is the teacher you like the most?     All the teachers at EC Miami are good. Each teacher has his own method, but all of them are helping me to improve my English. They are also very friendly. I love them all but the teacher who I like the most is Rafael because he always encourages me and helps me to perform better. 6. Which class do you like the most?     I love the movie class … Read more