A Field Trip To The Apple Store

What makes students like EC Miami the most is our interesting activities. We offer students a lot of activities which give them experiences not only inside the school but also outside. A Field Trip to Apple store is one of the regular activities at EC Miami.

Apple Field Trip
Apple Store is located at 1021 Lincoln Road. It’s just a few steps away from EC English Center in Miami. Therefore, this is a chance for our students to visit the Apple Store easily. The students will be welcomed warmly by Apple staff. There will be one specialist who gives students a tour around the store and introduces new Apple products, new applications. Besides, students will create amazing work right on the spot. They will have some fun and creative projects to do such as taking group pictures, making film trailers, editing videos… This is the time for students to work, have fun and practice English together.  Moreover, students will get some free gifts from Apple like T- Shirts or pen drives after the tour. We believe the Field Trip Program is an activity which students don’t want to miss.

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