Ibu shares her experiences after 5 months taking ESL Courses in Miami

Ibu shares her experiences after 5 months taking ESL Courses in Miami

 Ibu Tsujimoto is our student from Japan. This is her last week at EC Miami. Today, she would like to share her experiences after 5 months with us. 1. How long have you been at EC Miami? It’s been 5 months. I started to take ESL Courses in Miami since April. 2. What are you doing in Japan? I’ve just graduated from University in March with a bachelor degree in international culture. 3. Why would you like to come to Miami to learn English? I want to find a job in tourism industry in Japan. To be able to do that, I need to be fluent in English. So, I came here to improve my English. I chose Miami because there are not many Asian people here. Therefore, I could practice my English easier and faster. 4. It’s great. Can you share with us about your English improvement? Well, at first time when I came to Miami I was so nervous when people were talking to me. I didn’t understand at all. But now I could understand and answer when someone talk to me. I’m getting used to it now. My speaking and listening skills are better than before. 5. Who is your favorite teacher at EC Miami? I love all the teachers here but Rafael is the teacher who supported me a lot when I first came here. I really appreciate it. 6. Which activities do you like the most after class? Oh I love all the sport activities. I join our school basketball and volleyball activities every week. 7. Where is your most favorite place in Miami? Wynwood wall is my most favorite place in Miami. 8. Are you living here alone or with friends? I’m staying in a host family. 9. That’s cool. How is your experience? … Read more

EC Miami students who are taking ESL Courses in Miami were so excited to EC Miami students who are taking ESL Courses in Miami were so excited to watch Solar Eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Watch Party at Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science (Miami, FL) hosted an official solar eclipse watch party on Monday. EC Miami students who are taking ESL Courses in Miami were so excited to experience this once in a lifetime event. Eclipse glasses were handed out starting at 9 a.m. Guests can also enjoy complimentary fresh, iced coffee of Dunkin’ Donuts in honor of this spectacular event. For the first time in 38 years, a total eclipse was visible from the continental United States. This is also the first time in 99 years it crossed from one coast to the other. It only comes around maybe once or twice in a lifetime. The last eclipse in Florida was 1979 and the next one is in 2045. Miami falls outside of the 100-mile path of totality. However, the city was still able to witness a partial solar eclipse. The event began at 1:26 p.m. and ended at 4:20 p.m., with max eclipse viewing occurred at 2:58 p.m. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, causing the Moon to temporarily cast its shadow on Earth. Solar eclipses happen about twice a year. Although not all of them are total and total eclipses are only visible to those located in the path of the Moon’s shadow as it crosses the Earth. Here are some fantastic moments that we captured during the event.    

Merve Yanik - Miami Homestay English Courses

Free Yoga Class In Miami Beach

We would like to inform that Merve Yanık has become our new student ambassador since last month. She’s an outgoing and active student who has joined all the activities since her first day at EC Miami. We believe she will get fantastic times with her new role here. One of the activity which Merve is leading is Yoga on the beach. What would you say if we told you that you could practice yoga on the beach seven days a week? Professional yoga instructors will help you feel centered amidst the chaos of a bustling city. To make yoga accessible and affordable to all, 3rd Street Beach Yoga offers sessions in Miami Beach every day of the week. It is free of charge. Way back in 1998, October Rose – a newly certified yoga teacher – began her day practicing yoga on the beach at 3rd Street. Over time, a few local beach lovers joined in and before she knew it she was leading classes every morning and evening. Monday through Sunday, find classes at 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. (in fall and winter) and 6 p.m. (in spring and summer). If there’s rain, thunder, lightning, or a temperature below 55 degrees, expect class to be canceled. There are some items that you need to bring along to yoga class. The first important thing is large towel or blanket. Sunglasses and sunscreen are also needed. And don’t forget to get a bottle of water. Let’s join with us to have fun together and get healthier!         If you have any questions about Miami Homestay English Courses, please let us know.

Enjoy Miami Spice Restaurants while taking ESL Courses in Miami

Miami Spice Restaurants 2017

Summer time in Miami Beach is one of the best times. People from all over the world would like to come here to enjoy their summer vacation. If you are already in Miami and you wonder what to do during your stay. Don’t worry! We will help you to experience the best of Miami. Miami.com is your source for nightlife, attractions, movies, events, dining out and other things to do. Most of our students who are taking ESL Courses in Miami are not familiar yet with Miami, so it’s not easy for them to find the places to eat. Here is our suggestion . You will see many lists of spice restaurants in 2017 which are recommend by the website. If you need to find restaurants to impress your date, here are five restaurants: Ariete, Byblos, Nikki Beach, Scarpetta, Sushi Garage. If you are looking for family- friendly restaurants, you can expose your kids to some of the best dining South Florida. Let’s check out the menus at these restaurants: Lolo’s Surf Cantina, Sugar Factory, Blue Collar. Besides, If you are vegans and vegetarians, here are their go-to spots for vegetarian Miami Spice dishes. They are Soul Tavern, Planthouse and Bakehouse Brasserie. And a lot of other options are there for you. Have fun and enjoy your time in Miami!