Meet another new student ambassador, Ranja.

Let’s welcome another outgoing and energetic student ambassador! 🙂

Meet another new student ambassador, Ranja.


Hey! My name is Ranja (Nia) Mariem El Bed.
I am 20 years old and live in Bern, Switzerland. My Mom is Swiss and my Dad is Tunisian. I speak three languages: German, English and French (and Swiss German) but inside of the EC all I can speak is English 😉

I have three siblings. A younger brother who’s 17 and two half sister that are 7 and 10 years old. I work in a Childcare and I just finished my apprenticeship in June. When I get home from my trip I want to do a diploma for being a Make Up artist. In the time I’m not working I enjoy my singing lessons, Make Up, spending time with family and friends and watching Netflix. ALOT of Netflix. For example: Quantico, the Blacklist, Stranger Things, Orphan Black, Pretty little liar etc.

This is my first time in America. I love to travel I’ve already been to Barcelona, Gran Canaria, London, Paris, Varazze (Italy), Malta, Berlin and Munich but my favorite place is my second home: Sousse in Tunisia. I came here to take ESL Courses in Miami. My goal in Miami is to pass the Cambridge Test and go home with a CAE, which will help me in my future job applications. My favorite activities here are lying on the Beach, going out to dance and having a drink with new people I met at the EC. While I am here I will also do different trips. I’ve been to Orlando and the Bahamas and we’re planning to visit the Keys as well.

My job as Student Ambassador is to be your Voice if it comes to any wishes you have. So if you have a new idea or a question you can always come up to me and ask me or my fellow ambassador Ewa. I am looking forward to take this responsibility!

See you in School!