ESL Courses in Miami - Students are learning water safety on Miami Beach

It’s Almost Gone

  It’s almost the end of summer in Miami and the start of the season. There are lots of things happening in the coming months like Art Basel, and of course Halloween celebration and the end of humidity. This is the season where more and more people from around the world come and visit. Why not learn English in Miami at the same time. We look forward to welcoming you to our South Beach English school for the experience of a lifetime very soon. Improve your English, connect with students from all over the world, and explore exciting Miami. Remember, we have English courses for all levels and a minimum stay of just one week. Whether you want to pass a test, improve your career prospects or just brush up on your English, we have an English course for you.

Pizza for English Students in Miami

Learn English and Eat Pizza!

  The results of the Wii Tournament are in! Our student Daniel from Colombia has won free pizza for this upper intermediate class! Learning English in Miami, while challenging can be fun! For example. this month, Student ambassadors Jose and Marwan, decided to host a Wii Mario Kart tournament and the winner received free pizza for their class! Students has to sign-up and brackets were created. Students and challenged themselves in English to be the best they could be!. The tournament lasted 3 days.