Breakfast and English

Hi Everyone, Can you eat,learn and have fun at the same time ? Yes…only in one English School in Miami ,our school. Last Thursday, our students from the Pre-Intermediate level had breakfast with their teacher Rafael Perdigon at Einstein Bros on Alton Rd.It was a great opportunity to welcome Flaminia ,a new student from Italy.We also celebrate a very special week with our students from Saudi Arabia.Our charming Saudi students were very excited to share this time with their classmates from Italy,France and Turkey. Ammar,Ali,Faris and Abdullah explained to us how the Kingdom was founded.They also gave plenty of details on how the Anniversary of KSA ( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)  is celebrated all across the country.There are really so many reasons to admire such an amazing nation and civilization. While we were having our delicious bagels,coffees and juices (some of the students were more conscious about their diets than the teacher) the students were given some activities to complete in their coursebooks.Reading comprehension,pair work and multiple choice questions were part of our menu too.They learned new vocabulary,new idioms and expressions.They used all this content to describe important landmarks,historical buildings,sites,and tirelessly spoke about their hometowns. It was very interesting how a couple of locals approached our class and asked some questions about our English courses ,but even more interesting than that,was the excitement of the students when they gave details about our school.It is so rewarding for a teacher to see the students interacting in English when just a couple of months ago their English was so limited. So,if you are around Lincoln and Alton, in our sunny city of Miami Beach,and you feel like learning English,or just feel like enjoying a place where multiple nationalities and cultures interact ,drop by 1111 Lincoln Rd Suite 301.We’ll be eagerly waiting for … Read more

Students in the lounge

Communicative Activities at EC Miami.

Hi everyone, Studying in the classroom is important, right? But sometimes the best kind of learning happens when we go outside to experience a different sort of activity and ambiance. That’s why today we would like to share with all of you one of the many activities we usually do out of class. For instance, our beloved teacher Kathy pulled students out of the Speaking with Confidence class in order to take them to our state of the art students’ lounge. These activities are carried out to support our English courses in Miami. We encourage students to interact and make presentations. These presentations are  based on a quick research they carry out about the topics of the class, and then they are able to share it with classmates. It is always a good idea to take a break from the classroom, and we really enjoy giving them the possibility to use their English in real life situations. They had a lot of fun interacting in a different kind of atmosphere, and that’s precisely what we want promote in our center.   Look in the photo above – you’ll be able to see students from all over the world, including Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Saudi Arabia… this is going to give you a good idea of our diverse cultural mix of students. In presentations like these, students have an opportunity to share their different perspectives and learn from each other’s cultures. Then, they will deliver the finished presentations on Friday and get some great feedback from Kathy! If you are interested in learning with our diverse and friendly students and staff, why not find out more about EC Miami? We offer you different ways to do this: Call us at +1 (305) 421 9944 Visit us at our center at 1111 … Read more