Little Havana Tour with Sandy

        When you study English in the USA, hanging out out of school is a plus. Bearing this principle in mind, our beloved teacher in Beginner class at EC Miami, Sandy, came up with a great activity once again. Last Friday night on February 21st she decided to take our students on a tour around the Little Havana area in Miami. The idea this time was to experience a cultural start of the weekend over there, and around 25 students joined the party!! Everything began at the Little Havana’s Cigar Factory on the corner of Calle 8 and 15 Avenue of the south west. That was the spot where students had the chance to listen to one of the shop speakers giving a short but fruitful presentation on the relevance and history of tobacco in Cuba. Students took advantage of the moment to enjoy a tasty “colada” kind of coffee and do just a little bit of souvenir shopping. Right after that, they all hit the Azucar Ice Cream Company just next door to get a free sample of amazing ice cream.     They had it while a pick up truck swarming with Cuban dancers was pulling over and sparkling the entire atmosphere of Calle 8 to the sizzling hot sound of Salsa music.  Later on, the group took a walk on Calle 8, which is the light of the party in Little Havana, literally. They walked past the famous Tower Theater, one of the oldest cultural landmarks of the area. They also enjoyed taking pictures with the well-known rooster statue wrapped in the Cuban flag of El Pub Restaurant. Then, this short but sill enjoyable walk led the group to one of the so many delicious restaurants-Salao Cuban Bar and Pescaderia- for grabbing dinner. The … Read more

Miami, a great choice to come and learn English.

As an example of the meaningful and enjoyable writing exercises to Learn English in Miami, in the free class that we offer at EC Miami students were asking about the right structure of a paragraph. They learned that a reasonable paragraph should include three essential elements: a topic sentence, supporting points that can be supplemented  by one or two more sentences, and a conclusion. With all of this in mind, we decided to write about why Miami Beach is a great choice to come to the United States and learn English. Here is the written work by one of our students, Danil, who is in the Pre-Intermediate class. He actually finished up a very interesting paragraph that we want to share with you all this time: Miami Beach is a great choice to come and learn English for many reasons. First of all, the weather is very comfortable. I mean, it is convenient for me because it helps me relax and recharge myself after class. It doesn’t snow here. The temperature doesn’t go down like in other states and cities of the US. Secondly, everything is really close. You don’t really need to rent a car or a motorcycle to get somewhere. With a scooter, a bicycle, or even a nice walk you can get to supermarkets, restaurants, bars and stores very easily. Thirdly, people are amazing. They are really friendly around here. You can also make friends any time, and if something ever happens to you, you will get help from them as soon as possible. Finally, Miami Beach is located across the bridge from Miami, one of the big cities in the US where shopping is very convenient. When you need to buy something, you just find the nearest mall. There are many of them near here. You … Read more

Boat Safety Field Trip

Learn English with the Miami Beach Police Department

  Why should you learn English with EC Miami? At EC Miami, students could learn English the fun way! The teachers work together to create an enriching and unique study plan to learn English. In addition to that, EC Miami is located at the heart of South Beach! Last week, Kathy’s Upper Intermediate class, visited the Miami Beach Police Department to learn about boat safety. One of her students, Emiliano, wrote about their EC Miami experiences and their field trip to the Sunset Harbor Yacht Club. Read what he has to say about his unique EC Miami experience.     Miami is my first destination in the United States! I choose this residence to improve my English and meeting new friends from all over the world. My favorite EC Miami activity was Kathy’s field trip to Sunset Harbor Yacht Club. We went to the Marina Police Station. There were two police officers welcome us and talked about water safety and the guidance or rules of action on water. After, we went of a boat trip with the police officers. It was AWESOME! I definitely recommend everyone to learn English at EC Miami! The ambiance is GREAT and it feels like we’re family. I’ll remember everyone and every experience I had here in Miami. Thank you EC Miami for an AMAZING time!   Emiliano Sticca, Switzerland

Student Testimonial

Miami English Course from Kristin & Alexander’s Experiences

  EC Miami is unique as it is located in the heart of South Beach. Not only do EC Miami provides all levels of Miami English Course to students, we also provide interesting activities to students. In addition to that, we highlight their experiences with EC Miami and adventures in Miami. Meet Kristin Kuehnlein and Alexander Moldowan from Germany! Their friendly and charming personality have made their stay in Miami a memorable experiences. Read about their journey with EC Miami! When we had to describe EC Miami, there are three things that came in our mind; great people, entertaining classes, and beautiful beaches. We chose EC Miami because of the sunny weather, nice landscape, and cosmopolitan people. We thought our experience would be great, but it has exceeded our expectations. The whole EC Miami team is very friendly and always helpful regarding our problems and questions. Classes are always fun and instructive, so we look forward to go to class everyday. You get to meet new people from all around the world and you have the opportunity to learn a lot about other cultures Beside school, there are plenty of different activities such as playing basketball, visiting the Everglades, or snorkeling at Key West. The time has passed so quickly and we wish we could stay longer. We would repeat our time at any time! IT’S SIMPLY AMAZING!   Kristin Kuehnlein & Alexander Moldowan Germany

Learning Outside the Classroom in Miami Beach

Learn the English Language the FUN Way!

  Recently, the students went out to a local café to have coffee and practice using their English in a comfortable, relaxed, enjoyable setting. The students talked about their future plans after EC Miami. In so doing, they demonstrated the excellent communicative skills they learned in Kathy’s Upper Intermediate English Language Class. EC Miami is located in the heart of South Beach on Lincoln Road, home of Lincoln Road Mall. Therefore, there are many opportunities for students to practice their English while shopping, having coffee, eating dinner, or just hanging out with friends. These rewarding opportunities mean that EC Miami students improve their learning by speaking both inside and outside the classroom.

Academic Lecture – Relaxation Techniques

  Here at EC Miami, we try to provide many opportunities for our students to practice outside of their English courses.  Many activities are organized (such as this weekend’s BBQ), and we also invite outside guests to come to the school and give a lecture on a topic of interest.  Often, teachers at the school will volunteer to speak about something that they are particularly passionate or knowledgeable about (Like Eric’s SCUBA lecture last month!) Today, Michelle gave two lectures on relaxation techniques.  Looking at the picture above, you would think that Reese was taking a nap in class, but really she was practicing a breathing exercise that Michelle was teaching the group at that time.  If there were audio, you would hear Michelle counting and talking them through the exercise. Students that are here for an Academic Year in the USA are required to write about the lecture the following week.  Check back soon to see the student writing!

Academic Lecture – Eric Talks SCUBA!

  Another month, another Academic Lecture for our students taking an English course in the US.  Today, Eric (who has come back to South Florida after spending a few months working in Alaska!) spoke about one of his personal passions:  SCUBA diving. SCUBA (short for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus), is very popular here in Florida.  No matter where you are in the state, you are never more than one hour away from the ocean!  Eric spoke to the students about the different equipment that is needed to safely go diving, what you can expect while underwater, and brought in some of the equipment for the students to examine.  The underwater pictures were particularly stunning, showing moray eels, sharks, rays, turtles, and dolphins. Check back in a few days to see some of the student essays from today’s activity!

Baseball — by Djodie Leo

  Every month at EC Miami, our students taking academic English courses attend a lecture given by a speaker at the school.  Often, there are speakers that come from outside the school to share their expertise on a variety of cultural subjects.  This month, the lecture’s topic was Baseball in the United States.  The students write an essay based on their notes from the lecture, and then two people are selected as that month’s winners.  First we saw Melissa’s essay.  Now, we have Djodie from our Upper Intermediate course: The first thing to know about baseball is that it is a more strategic sport than an action.  It is really unique because it’s the only sport that when the team has the ball, they are on defense. The baseball field is never called like this by people; they say “Baseball Diamond” because the field looks like a diamond. There are different positions: the pitcher has to throw the ball to the catcher from a distance of 60 feet (20 meters).  He usually does that really fast (0.6 seconds).  One playher was even killed because the ball hit his head.  There are also two boxes (one on the left and one on the right) with three basemen in the field.  Also, there is a shortstop who manages a lot of things.  The home plate or “home” looks like a house.  The ball goes to the first, second, and third baseman and goes home. The equipment is pretty simple:  only a glove a ball and a bat.  However, the professional players have more protection. In this sport there is not a referee but one umpire who decides.  He has a mask because he is standing behind the catcher and it could be really dangerous.  There is no clock.  After three “outs”, the team changes … Read more

Baseball — by Melissa Stam

  Every month at EC Miami, our students taking academic English courses attend a lecture given by a speaker at the school.  Often, there are speakers that come from outside the school to share their expertise on a variety of cultural subjects.  This month, the lecture’s topic was Baseball in the United States.  The students write an essay based on their notes from the lecture, and then two people are selected as that month’s winners.  Our first winner comes from Melissa Stam, one of our advanced students: I was introduced to Baseball for the first time at Mark Little’s lecture last Thursday.  I had no idea it was a game of strategy and didn’t know it was the oldest professional sport in the US, either. When Mark was younger he hated baseball until he realized it was more a game of strategy than a game of action, and it’s also a more casual sport if you compare it to basketball or football.  Baseball is the only sport in which the players who have the ball in their possession are playing defense.  The baseball field is known as the diamond, because of the similarity of their shapes.  There are different parts to a field and different positions on the teams.  You have the pitcher, who throws the ball.  The word ‘pitch’is another word for throw.  The pitcher throws the ball to a catcher at a 60 foot distance.  The ball takes .6 seconds to arrive from the pitcher to the catcher, so we can imagine the kind of speed the ball is traveling at.  They say the most difficult thing to do in sports is hitting a baseball. The equipment used while playing Baseball is pretty simple:  a glove, a ball, a bat, protection for the umpire’s face as he is standing … Read more

Baseball Lecture Next Week!

As you may know, we hold lectures every month for students that are in our academic English program (they are open to other students as well, as long as space is permitting).  Next Thursday, on May 16, I will be giving a lecture about the history and rules of baseball!  There will be a morning (10:30) and afternoon (2:15) session to accommodate students on both the ‘A’ and ‘B’ schedules.  I’ll see you there!! — Mark