Pumpkin Carving at EC Miami

Here we are aware that our traditional Halloween celebration wouldn’t be complete without fun pumpkin carvings. It has been a traditional competition activity at  EC English School Miami ever since the center was opened back in 2012. As a matter of fact, it’s a yearly Halloween tradition that came to the United States from Irish immigrants. At our center we take care of providing enough pumpkins. We also arrange everything around our neat students lounge. Let me tell you, though, that pumpkin carving needs some special tools kits. Sometimes a simple knife would do the trick as well. That is precisely why usually on October 30th every year we host a competition with the most creative carved pumpkin. The students who want to participate split into teams, they watch a short but interesting tutorial pumpkin carving video, they work together, they do their thing, and they have their fun. In an easy and entertaining way, our students can learn that the top of the pumpkin is cut off to form a lid, the inside flesh is scooped out, and an image usually a scary or funny face – is carved out of the rind to expose the hollow interior. To create the lantern effect, a light source, traditionally a flame such as a candle or tea light, is placed within before the lid is closed. However, these lanterns can be used with electric lights that are also marketed. It is common to see pumpkin lanterns on doorsteps and otherwise used as decorations prior to and on Halloween. This year contestants got the picture really well, as they were able to work on their corresponding pumpkins while listening to cool music. The results were awesome, and you can tell they did their best. Just take a look at the five carved … Read more

Great Deals! – Groupon Miami

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Amazing fun activities for our students and staff

Study English in the USA

  Let’s study English in the USA! There are plenty of EC schools all over the US, and similarly to any other EC schools, EC Miami has it’s interesting fun-filled activities! This month, we focused on amazing, annual events held in Miami for the students to get a feel what Miami is all about. One of the activities we planned for the students is the the Miami International Auto Show this coming Saturday. In addition to that, we have planned another unique sporting events experience for students by offering 2 Miami Heat games at the American Airlines Arena! To top everything off, we will be planning a special Thanksgiving party for the students! Check out what awesome activities we have install for YOU!

EC Miami Newsletter is coming! Get involved!

Read all about it! The EC Miami newsletter meeting is this Friday! Want to know more? Then join us for coffee and cake at Panther cafe, Friday at 2:15pm. We will have our first meeting to brainstorm who wants to do what and how. Do you have design skills? Are you up to date on all the latest school gossip? Then we need you! Not only will you have a chance to mingle with other students, but you’ll also be able to improve your writing skills and share your interests with everyone at our school.  Students that are preparing for their Cambridge ESOL Exams may be particularly interested in participating and practicing their writing skills. Looking forward to seeing you all there!  By Michelle