Under 21 in Miami?

You should know that the legal age to drink alcohol in the US is 21 but Miami is a city geared towards those blessed to be 21 and over. For those that are months away from showing that ID to a bouncer¬†here are some places to go that‚Äôll prove the city is more than just the clubs you see on Instagram. … Read more

Gustavo Melo De Souza Perroni from Brazil : A graduate English student

Meet graduate student ‚ÄúGustavo‚ÄĚ from Brazil! He graduated from EC Miami today. He spent almost a month to improve his English skills at EC Miami. He was a¬† serious student that¬†was always the¬†first one¬†to arrive at school every day. At this moment, and on this blog,¬†I want him to share with you guys … Read more

Ippei Suzuki from Japan: A Student at EC Miami

We have tons of diverse students from all over the world at EC Miami. They are having fun olearning English and exploring the FANTASTIC city¬†of¬†‚ÄúMiami‚ÄĚ during their period of living in Miami. Let me introduce one of¬†these students, Ippei Suzuki, who is from Japan. He has already spent¬†two months in … Read more

Learn English through activities!

Learning English in the school only might sound boring. However, if you go and watch sports games with your classmates, it is certainly more exciting! We watched the MLB, Miami Marlin vs Washington National. Don’t limit your English-learning-environment to school and think that Miami is only f … Read more