Learn about Our Student’s English Course Experience in Miami

Meet two of our former students, who took two different English Courses with EC Miami. They are Julien Correvon from Switzerland and Claudio Coralluzzo from Italy. Claudio was in our Cambridge Advance English (CAE) course and he was preparing for the upcoming Cambridge Examination, and Julien was in Elementary English course. Though their were in Miami for a short period, it was definitely a pleasure having them as an EC Miami student. Their charming and friendly personality makes them memorable to other students, and staff. Read what they have to say about EC Miami and their experiences in Miami. It was a short time but I enjoyed it! There are cool students as well as awesome teachers too! Claudio Coralluzzo Italian Cambridge Advance English EC Miami is an excellent school. The teachers are highly qualified and they were our friends! Miami is INCREDIBLE! Thank you for an amazing and memorable stay! Julien Correvon Switzerland Elementary English

He talks about his 3 weeks adventure with EC Miami

Explore Miami as You Learn English from Jan’s Perspective

    Lets learn English and explore Miami at the same time! EC Miami provides all English level courses to their students and plan activities for students to explore Miami. EC Miami’s prime location, which is located at the heart of Miami Beach, gives students a unique and memorable experience. Jan Rothmann, a former EC Miami student, recently contacted his former EC Miami teacher, Ian Brailsford, to ask if he could submit a testimonial about his experience here. Jan, from Frankfurt, Germany, student at EC Miami for three weeks this summer. According to Ian, Jan was an eager, friendly student and a pleasure to have in class. Read below to find out about his fantastic experience here at EC Miami. This is my journey for EC Miami. I wanted to travel in the United States because I had never been in the USA before. I learned a lot in Miami. The school was perfect and the teachers are best! Ian and Gammal are my favorite teachers! The weather was perfect in Miami and Miami Beach are the best. My classmates were the best in the world. My host family was great too! I have met many people from different countries and they are very interesting. In Miami, you can buy a lot of cheap clothes and other things, like shoes. FLY TO MIAMI! You will have a lot of fun and a great experience. Jan Rothmann Frankfurt, Germany

A group of students participated the Youth Language Link; a partnership between EC Miami and City of Miami Beach

Miami Beach Senior High School Learn English at EC Miami

  On August 20th, a group of Miami Beach Senior High School students completed EC’s third round of the Youth Language Link, a program which is a partnership between EC Miami and the City of Miami Beach. The program is meant to provide recently immigrated students with the chance to learn English for communicative purposes and prepare them to better succeed in school. Throughout the course, the students studied grammar, expanded their vocabulary and practiced speaking. The final project of the course required students to use photos from social media, the internet and their phones to present about their lives. We learned about each other’s home countries and cities, families and friends and interests.

Summer is Here!

  Summer is here and that means more than just hotter weather here at EC Miami.  This is the time of year that our enrollment jumps up to much higher numbers, and the group of students that we received today certainly shows that!  Today over 40 students from around the world have arrived to start their English courses with us. Today is a busy first day for them, as they will be taking their placement tests, learning about the school in their orientation, and then taking a free class this afternoon about Miami and all it has to offer.  By the time they receive their class schedules (they will start classes on Tuesday), they will be ready for some relaxation at the beach! Welcome to EC Miami!!

Labor Day

This week, many students have asked why school is closed next Monday (Sept. 2).  The answer: Labor Day!   In the US, Labor Day falls on the first Monday of September, so the date varies from year to year.  In the late 1882, the federal government established Labor Day is a way to celebrate “social and economic achievements of American workers” (according to the US Department of Labor).  As time has passed, however, many Americans have simply come to view Labor Day as the traditional end of Summer, and the beginning of Fall.   In the US, Labor Day is a federal holiday.  This means that all government offices, schools and organizations are closed.  Many businesses are also closed, while typically social businesses (shopping and restaurants, for example) remain open.  Americans generally view this as a day of rest.  Here in South Florida, it is very common to celebrate by spending time at the beach and/or barbecuing (don’t forget your sunblock!).  Many people also travel, with that particular long weekend being one of the busiest of the year.   Labor Day also signals a change in activities.  School-age children typically return to school around this time, and the sports seasons also change.  Baseball starts to wind down, while Football and Hockey are starting!   Take advantage of the long weekend!  But most of all, be Safe!

Suncreen — Get Protected!

Those of us that live in Florida know all about being sun-smart (although we don’t always practice it).  But people visiting for a short period of time tend to try to get as much sun in as little time as possible.  Perhaps that’s smart for your time when you’re vacationing, but it’s definitely not smart for your skin.  Need proof?  Check out this article/video that was recently on CNN!   Remember, putting on sunblock just once in the morning isn’t enough.  If you don’t use a waterproof sunblock (Read the label!), you need to reapply every hour or so.  Taking a few minutes to take care of your skin will make all the difference in preventing skin disease and premature aging.   — Mark  

Academic Lecture — “Meeting with Officer Lamoca”

Ester Pechiai is one of our Intermediate students from Brazil.  She recently attended a lecture with the Miami Beach Police Department (MBPD).  This was Ester’s winning essay!  — Mark   First of all, I have to say that I was surprised with this opportunity.  Sometimes foreign people like us commit a “crime” because we don’t know very well the laws of the new country , such as drinking beer on the street for example.   When Officer Lamoca was talking about his job, I was thinking about education in my country.  We never had this opportunity to talk with an officer at school when we were children.  If we had gotten this, maybe Brazil would have spent less money on jails.   I was shocked that the most popular crimes here in Miami are related to alcohol, and it is important to emphasize that only people under 21 can consume or buy alcohol in Miami.  The most common tourist’s mistake is to leave their stuff alone on the beach.  There are a lot of robbers just waitng for the opportunity to take your things.  Take care of your things!   The other important tip is always keep your eyes on your drink.  They put drugs in there and you can imagine what can happen after.   Ocean Drive is known too for the prostitution street.  Students can drive with an ID (if they are under 21 years old), but remember if you drink don’t drive.  If you get caught maybe you’ll pay $10,000.   The police station is located on 11th and Washington Avenue and in an emergency case you can call 911.

It’s Turtle Time!!

Summer means many things in Florida.  The weather gets even hotter (August is particularly hot!) and more humid and people flock to the beach.  But it isn’t only people that you can see there.   Summer is also time for Loggerhead turtles (remember the “dude” in Finding Nemo?) to make their way back to the beach in order to lay their eggs. In fact, over 90% of loggerhead turtles make their nests in Florida.  These turtles swim thousands of miles during the year all over the Atlantic and Carribbean — but when it’s time to lay eggs, they return back to the same beach where they were born.   When the turtle arrives on the beach, it can take up to an hour for it to dig a hole, lay all of its eggs (60-80!), cover the hole and make its way back to the water.  After that, the mother turtle will never see its young hatchlings.  Approximately 60 days later, the eggs hatch and the baby turtles head towards the ocean.  They are instinctively attracted to the reflection of the moon on the water; this is why streetlights are turned off on the beach during this period of year.   Scientists have followed many of these large turtles as they swim the ocean year-round.  This website shows maps of several turtles that have been tracked.  It’s incredible to see the distances that some of these animals have traveled!!  

Congratulations to our New Student Ambassador!

Hi! My name is Francesca Barbieri, I’m from Italy, and I’m really happy to welcome you at EC Miami! You will certainly enjoy your experience here because Miami is amazing, and can be the perfect city for anyone: whatever interests you, Miami has something to offer! If you need help, or any kind of suggestion, just ask me: I’ll be glad to be helpful!   If I can give you a first advice, I would recommend you to make friends from other countries and cultures: EC Miami offers you the wonderful chance to meet people from all over the world, and would be a shame not to take advantage of it! Spending your time with them will allow you to experience and improve your English, and for sure will open your mind!