Great Deals! – Groupon Miami

Hello, Students! Studying and staying in South Beach might be a little bit expensive and put a financial pressure on some of you. However, there are always ways. Try use Groupon and save from 20% up to 90% The website URL is On the website, you can find options based on categories starting from food to shopping, … Read more

Studying English – CNN Student News

Many people decide to study English through various source. Listening or watching a famous news such as CNN, ABC, NBC and so forth is one of the common examples. However, for the beginner or a person who just starts studying English, those news are too challenging for them. Therefore, I, personally, would like to introduce … Read more

Meet our newest Student Ambassador from Morocco

Meet our Student Ambassador: Bouchra (Nina) Fikri

  Have you ever considered taking any English classes in a location that is always sunny and close to the beach? If yes, we provide the perfect English classes in Miami for your needs! At EC Miami, we try to make your stay in Miami as enjoyable and unique as possible. An excellent example of … Read more

An excellent and dedicated student.

Student of the Month: Thamer Aldibasi

  Meet Thamer Aldibasi from Saudi Arabia. He brought his 1-year old daughter to EC Miami to show her around the place where he learn English. In actuality, he brought her to high-five all of the teachers who have helped improve his English communication skills! His teacher, Gammal, awarded him the EC Miami’s Student of the … Read more

Talks about her unique experiences with EC Miami

Learn English at EC Miami: Youjin Kim

  At EC Miami, students come from all over the world. Students learn English at EC Miami while they explore the beautiful city of Miami. Below is a brief testimonial from Youjin Kim from South Korea. She studied English here at EC Miami from June through September of this year. Due to her hard work … Read more

Gammal's Basketball Club

Basketball Club with Gammal

Every Wednesday, the students participate in a friendly basketball match led by an EC Miami English teacher, Gammal Zambrano. According to Gammal, “Basketball is a very complete physical activity. Everybody plays football (soccer) … Why not break the routine? Try something different!” Gammal decided to create the EC Miami Basketball Club to encourage students to live an active … Read more