An excellent and dedicated student.

Student of the Month: Thamer Aldibasi

  Meet Thamer Aldibasi from Saudi Arabia. He brought his 1-year old daughter to EC Miami to show her around the place where he learn English. In actuality, he brought her to high-five all of the teachers who have helped improve his English communication skills! His teacher, Gammal, awarded him … Read more

This student was chosen by our Teacher of the Month, Ian Brailsford, as student of the month. She talks about her amazingly unique experiences at EC Miami.

Student of the Month: Marta Caminero

  At EC Miami, a top-notch English school in Miami Beach, the teacher of the month chooses the student of the month. For the month of August, the title of Student of the Month was awarded to Marta Caminero from Spain. According to Ian Brailsford, her teacher, Marta is a very dedicated, hardwork … Read more

Euny Ryu, EC Miami Student of the Month

Student of the Month at EC Miami English School

  Euny Ryu, the EC Miami student of the month, who is from South Korea, has some thoughts that she would like to share: “Don’t compare me with other people. I’m bright to the world with my own light. It is my attitude toward life since I was young. I’m trying to find my own li … Read more