Have you seen the blue bin?

Most of you probably didn’t notice because you are focused on your coffee, but there is an important blue bin next to the coffee machine at EC Miami. What is this blue bin? It’s the recycling bin and we would REALLY love if our students would help us to keep our school clean and green. So, if you have recyclable items such as paper or bottles, please put them in the special blue bin. But, why is it important to recycle? Most of us learned about it during school as kids, but do we really do it? We hope that you will think twice about throwing  bottles in the trash can after you read some of these fun facts about recycling. 1) Recycling paper uses 30-50% less energy than making paper from trees. 2) Paper can be recycled into paper towels, tissue and toilet paper. 3) An aluminum can may be recycled many, many, many times in a row. Recycled cans can be made into new cans or different products that use aluminum. 4)  In the U.S., we throw away approx. 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. When we don’t recycle these bottles, they end up in landfills and these are getting very full. 5) If plastic bottles are burned, instead of recycled, they often release harmful gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. So, next time you finish your bottle of Coca Cola, make sure you put it in the correct bin. Just look beside the coffee machine, near Elisa’s office!