Taiwanese Cooking Class at EC English Center in Miami

Taiwanese Cooking Class

Welcome everyone to our Taiwanese Cooking Class at EC English Center in Miami by our student ambassador from Taiwan! Chunyen, also known as Larry is a Taiwanese. He would like to introduce his traditional food to our students from different nationalities. Even though most of our students came from Europe, they were so excited to learn how to cook Taiwanese dishes. Larry started by few videos which gave to all participants some basic knowledge about the culture of Taiwan and Taiwanese foods. Taiwan is very famous by night markets. We can find all kind of foods from appetizers to desserts in those street markets. What Larry wanted to show us in his cooking class is the 2 most popular foods in Taiwan that you can easily find anywhere: dumplings and stir fried glass noodles. Larry showed everyone step by step of how to make and cook dumplings. After that, all students were given ingredients to practice and make dumplings by themselves. It was so fun since this is a first time they experience making dumplings. They did a good job though. Besides dumplings and stir fried glass noodles, Larry also prepared some bubble milk tea which is the most favorite drink in Taiwan for everyone to enjoy during waiting time. This is such a great opportunity for students to learn more about Taiwanese culture and cuisine.    

EC Students at Finnegan's Road

St Patrick’s Day with EC Students

  Let’s flashback to last week on March 17th. Our EC students were ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Emman at Finnegan’s Road, near EC Miami. St Patrick is one of Ireland’s patron saints and many Americans with Irish ancestry remember him on March 17th. Around 15 EC students had an Irish drink and food last Thursday. Fancy green or orange drinks to remember the Irish flag’s color, a lot of laughs and a second round of beers. This is what you missed if you didn’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! You can find more pictures on our Facebook Page. – Celine, France