Super Bowl LIV Events Hosted in our Building!!!

One of the most popular sports in the USA is American Football. It might be number one, actually. What do you guys think? This year in Miami we have the pleasure to host the amazing Super Bowl LIV (54), which is in reality the final game of the NFL (National Football League). The champion will be decided between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Although the “big game” is taking place in the Sunlight Stadium, we gotta let you know that the super cool vibes around South Beach are off the charts. One  of the very simple reasons why this is happening is that the awesome management in our iconic building 1111 Lincoln Road is hosting a series of Super Bowl events from January 29th to February 1st. . They are doing a really great job in anticipation to the “big game”. This kind of events  includes meetings and greetings with NFL players, such as James White, Cameron Jordan, Josh Allen, Derrick Henry, and Larry Fitzgerald. Also, there are going to be live media broadcastings, fan games, tasty food, and refreshing drinks. The best part is that all of this is free of charge for our students and members of the staff! How cool is that, huh?   Last Wednesday, though, it was the opening of this series of events, and we were all really curious about meeting the NFL player of the day, James White-a running back player for the New England Patriots (the one right in the middle of the picture below). Our students at English school in Miami were in line with a lot of excitement and expectation. To be honest, we all had waited for a little kind of a while until all of a sudden we got access to the seventh floor. … Read more

All activities and classes planned for EC Miami in September

What to Do in Miami While You Learn English

Every month, EC Miami plans fun and interesting activities for students to explore Miami while they learn English. We have a variety of activities that consist of different sports activities, trips throughout Southern Florida, food events, and FREE English classes. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we provide students with free English classes to help students maximize their English skills. In addition to the free academic classes, we provide students fun activities throughout the week while they learn English. We give the students the opportunity to watch a baseball game (an American pasttime), enjoy unique cuisine through our potluck activities, stay active with a weekly basketball game, and many more. Check out these fun activities we have planned for you and sign up at the front desk!

Idiom of the Week – “Have a Sweet Tooth”

  When talking to my students here at our English Center in Miami, one of the first things that I tend to learn about them is that they all have a sweet tooth in one way or another.  It’s not like that have to say it to me specifically, because I see them every day eating candy, drinking soda, etc.  Just this past week, on Halloween, many students could be seen wolfing down candy, just like many others that celebrate Halloween! Clearly, if you have a sweet tooth, you enjoy eating sweet things a lot.  Another useful idiom to use during the month of November, in preparation for Thanksgiving!

Academic Lecture — “Thanksgiving” — by Minji Kang

  Every month students are given an opportunity to attend a college-style lecture given either by one of our teachers, or by an invited member of the community.  Over the time since the EC Miami English School has been open, we have had many students learn about varied subjects.  One constant, however, is in November when Thanksgiving is discussed.  This year, two lectures were given to students in different academic levels.  Students wrote about the lecture they attended, and then one winner from each group was chosen. This month’s winner was Minji Kang, also one of our student ambassadors and one of our CAE students: Thanksgiving is one of the biggest national holiday sin America.  Literally, it means giving thanks, and celebrating with family or close friends while eating a lot of food. However, some people say Thanksgiving should be more like mourning rather than celebration.  Because it is based on American history which has a tragic part.  The pilgrims moved to America from England for religious freedom.  Because of their rough journey, they had to learn how to cultivate and hunt from Native Americans.  Although most Native Americans were killed by the pilgrims in a battle, after that.  These days, people usually focus on “giving thanks” for the harvest. Turkey is the representative food of this day, but there are also other foods such as potatoes, cranberries, green beans, and pumpkin pie as dessert. In addition, it’s not just sharing food.  The meal is followed by some interesting things like Black Friday and watching sports games. People watch NFL games at home, and many stores provide huge discounts on their product on Black Friday.  Also, Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York is so famous that it is televised in all the states every year. Lastly, there’s one wawy to … Read more

Bake Sale Tomorrow!

You may remember a recent post regarding raising funds to help with Disaster Relief in the South Pacific. As part of EC Miami’s continuing efforts to help the people affecting by this terrible tragedy, students and staff are encouraged to take part in our Bake Sale tomorrow (Friday, November 22). Long-Term students (such as those preparing for their Cambridge ESOL exams) and recent arrivals are all asked to bring in baked goods to the student lounge tomorrow morning to sell to the rest of the students and staff. All money raised will be sent to relief efforts in the Philippines.

Next Academic Lecture: THANKSGIVING!

It’s that time of year! The time that Americans get together with family and friends and eat. And eat. And Eat. AND EAT!! It’s Thanksgiving!!! Of course, there is more to Thanksgiving than just food — but for some of us the food is what makes it one of the favorite holidays in the United States. Families will prepare for days in advance for the feast that comes up, and the Thanksgiving holiday is one of the busiest travel days of the year! Tomorrow, November 21, Reese and Sheila will be giving lectures to the students about Thanksgiving. Higher-level students and those that are getting ready for their Cambridge ESOL Exams will meet with Sheila, while lower-level students will get all their Thanksgiving information from Reese. All students are encouraged to go — and then prepare a Thanksgiving dinner of their own! Check back here after the holiday to see which students turn in the best essays about Thanksgiving. There will be two winners chosen!

Happy World Teachers Day!

Today was World Teachers Day, and the teaching staff arrived this morning to discover breakfast being prepared for them! Pancakes, bacon, juice, coffee … Maybe a Mimosa or Two. Thank you Teachers, for all that you do! And an Enormous Thank You to Elisa, Reese, Lynnette, and Amanda for all the hard work they put in to make today a special day for the teaching staff!!

Alina’s First Bagel!

Sometimes, students need a little motivation to get their work done.  Last Wednesday, the Upper Intermediate class had an in-class contest where they had to edit a writing sample.  The class was divided into three groups, with the winning group promised to receive “something good” on Friday, while the others were promised “something not as good.”   This morning, the winning team was served coffee and  bagels by the others in the class.  The rest of the class was able to join in after they served the winning group.  Here we see our Swedish student, Alina, enjoying her Very First Bagel!

Epicure: Mark’s Lunch Alternative!

One of the biggest misconceptions students from other countries have about us here in the USA is that we survive on a diet of fast food.  But, nothing could be further from the truth!  Of course, there are many fast food options on Miami Beach (just like the rest of the world).  But it’s just as easy to eat healthy food as it is to grab a greasy burger and fries.   It can be challenging to eat right, but we’re very fortunate at EC Miami to have a gourmet market located directly across the street.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Epicure market.  You can shop quickly for fresh food, baked goods, and even various candies from other countries.  Epicure makes fresh salads and sandwiches daily, as well as coffee and other drinks in their cafe (located in the back of the store).   Typically, I  grab one of their freshly prepared salads for my lunch break, and then hide out in the teacher’s room with my iPod.  If it isn’t too hot (or rainy), there’s an area just outside on Lincoln Road where I sit and listen to music, eat my lunch, and watch all of the interesting people that pass by.  Anyone that has visited Miami Beach before certainly knows about the “people-watching” that can be done!   Burgers and fries are great — once in awhile.  But give Epicure a try!  It’s closer …  and healthier!

Doraku – A Restaurant Review by Sabrina

Doraku is famous for the most delicious sushi in town.  I already tried a lot of sushi restaurants but Doraku is my favourite one.   The waiters are very friendly and kind.  We didn’t wait for our food for a long time even if the restaurant was quite crowded.  The surroundings are very modern and I felt comfortable.   The food was very fresh and tasty.  We had different sorts of sushi and it was pretty cheap because it was happy hour.  During the time from 5pm to 7pm they offer you a cheap happy hour menu very day.   Doraku is located on the famous Lincoln Road and parking is next to the restaurant.   They prepare the food on a beautiful plate and it looks fantastic.   I really recommend this restaurant and I will enjoy more sushi again.   Sabrina is one of our FCE students at EC Miami.