All activities and classes planned for EC Miami in September

What to Do in Miami While You Learn English

Every month, EC Miami plans fun and interesting activities for students to explore Miami while they learn English. We have a variety of activities that consist of different sports activities, trips throughout Southern Florida, food events, and FREE English classes. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we provide students with free English classes to help students maximize their … Read more

Academic Lecture — “Thanksgiving” — by Minji Kang

  Every month students are given an opportunity to attend a college-style lecture given either by one of our teachers, or by an invited member of the community.  Over the time since the EC Miami English School has been open, we have had many students learn about varied subjects.  One constant, however, is in November … Read more

Bake Sale Tomorrow!

You may remember a recent post regarding raising funds to help with Disaster Relief in the South Pacific. As part of EC Miami’s continuing efforts to help the people affecting by this terrible tragedy, students and staff are encouraged to take part in our Bake Sale tomorrow (Friday, November 22). Long-Term students (such as those … Read more

Next Academic Lecture: THANKSGIVING!

It’s that time of year! The time that Americans get together with family and friends and eat. And eat. And Eat. AND EAT!! It’s Thanksgiving!!! Of course, there is more to Thanksgiving than just food — but for some of us the food is what makes it one of the favorite holidays in the United … Read more

Happy World Teachers Day!

Today was World Teachers Day, and the teaching staff arrived this morning to discover breakfast being prepared for them! Pancakes, bacon, juice, coffee … Maybe a Mimosa or Two. Thank you Teachers, for all that you do! And an Enormous Thank You to Elisa, Reese, Lynnette, and Amanda for all the hard work they put … Read more

Alina’s First Bagel!

Sometimes, students need a little motivation to get their work done.  Last Wednesday, the Upper Intermediate class had an in-class contest where they had to edit a writing sample.  The class was divided into three groups, with the winning group promised to receive “something good” on Friday, while the others were promised “something not as … Read more

Doraku – A Restaurant Review by Sabrina

Doraku is famous for the most delicious sushi in town.  I already tried a lot of sushi restaurants but Doraku is my favourite one.   The waiters are very friendly and kind.  We didn’t wait for our food for a long time even if the restaurant was quite crowded.  The surroundings are very modern and … Read more

99 Reasons to Shop at Lincoln Road.

    EC Miami is home to some of the best shopping in Miami Beach. The world famous Lincoln Road, a few footsteps away from EC Miami, is any shoppers’ dreams come true.  Lincoln Road offers a wide range of various shops from unique boutiques to large department stores like, Macy’s. Lincoln Road offers unique … Read more