Natural Disaster Relief — Please Help!

    Last week, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines leaving thousands dead, and many more displaced without shelter, food, water, and clothing.  This story has blanketed the news over the past seven days, and resonates particularly here in South Florida, where hurricanes are part of the local culture.   Here at EC Miami, we have left a collection glass in the reception area.  Intensive students, Semi-Intensive students, students studying for Cambridge ESOL Exams, and teachers/administrators alike are asked to help out in any way they can, and donate what they feel comfortable with.   Our hearts and thoughts are with all the people affected by this terrible tragedy.

Melanie H. at Baynanza!

On April 20, several members of the EC Miami staff along with a group of students participated in Baynanza 2013 — a local project to help clean up the beaches and islands in Miami and Biscayne Bay.  Our student Melanie was one of the few people brave enough to walk out on the rocks to find garbage!!  We collected several bags and Monument Island looked much better once we left it.   Melanie finding trash in the rocks

We Gave Back!

Our Giving Back Day at Villa Lyan on Saturday was a huge success. We were SO happy that our students, staff, and teachers woke up early and braved the pouring rain for this good cause. We spent the day working with other volunteers in Miami on a city-wide community project called City Serve and we met some amazing locals who were also volunteering their time. Our day was filled with priming the walls of a special needs school and beginning to paint as well. In addition to the manual labor, we were able to meet some of the differently-abled children at the school and interact with them over lunch and arts and crafts. We asked some of our student participants to tell us what they thought about the day. Here are their opinions, in their own words about the volunteer opportunity. Rachel, France In all the EC schools across the world, this day was special because we can do something for the others as volunteers. So that, here in Miami, I experienced the way how Americans people helped each other and it was really interesting because it’s not the same in my country. We painted the walls in a school for disabled children. So we gave them a little of our time and our modest contribution for them and their parents. There were a lot of people and we painted all together and we shared some sandwiches, chips, candies,… I came with my friend and her 4 years old daughter. The little girl made some art crafts with other kids and I think that it was an interesting experience for her too. I encourage every student to experience that special day in an EC school. Olga, Russia The giving back day was the most unexpected experience during my studying at … Read more

Villa Lyan and City Serve

As promised, this post will give you more information about EC Miami’s Giving Back Day. If you don’t know about EC Miami’s Giving Back Day, click here. To volunteer and give back our time, EC Miami staff and students will be working at Villa Lyan – a school for differently-abled children. Villa Lyan is located in a part of Miami called the Hammocks, so participating in this event will give you an opportunity to see a new part of the city. At the school, there will be many possible projects and you will be able to choose whether you want to participate in work related to construction or work with children. If you decide to do construction work, you will most likely be helping the school with painting projects and/or unpacking boxes. If you choose instead to work with the children and their families you might be doing arts and crafts activities to encourage creativity and fun! EC Miami’s Giving Back Day is unique because we will be taking part in an event that is bigger than just our school. Volunteering at Villa Lyan is part of a project in Miami called City Serve. This project brings together people from all over the city to volunteer at many different locations on April 14th. Because of this, you will have many opportunities to speak English with native speakers and possibly meet friends from the Miami area because you will all be working together at the event. Another great thing about City Serve and Villa Lyan is that the event is open to everyone! Almost all of the EC staff and teachers will be there and we are also encouraging people to bring their friends, family members, boyfriends/girlfriends or anyone else who would like to help (and speaks English!). Make sure you … Read more

EC Giving Back Day!

As all of our staff, and most of our students, now know that EC Miami will be participating in a Giving Back Day. This day is important because we want to help our communities and volunteer our time. The special day will be on Saturday, April 14th from about 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and it is a great opportunity to practice your English while also helping people in the Miami area. This event is a worldwide EC project and all of the EC schools will be participating in their own way. Some schools are cleaning up the environment while others are offering free English classes to refugees in their areas. No matter what we are doing and where we are, all of EC will be coming together for this good cause. Almost all of EC Miami’s teachers and staff members will be participating in the event and we encourage you to participate too! You may have seen it written on our activity calendar in the “upcoming events” section and there is now a sign-up sheet in the front binder too. We would love to have as many students as possible participate because we will be working with students! EC Miami will be working at a school for children who have special needs. We will be doing a variety of tasks because the school is moving locations to a new building. Therefore, we will be doing everything from construction and clean-up to interacting with the students through art-related activities. Everyone will definitely be able to find something they enjoy doing on this special day. Keep reading our blog this week and next for more information about EC Miami’s location and the Giving Back Day. More is coming soon!