Meet Our Newest Student Ambassador!

Some of you may remember Gigi, who recently wrote about his experience of seeing the Miami Heat for the first time.  Get ready to hear from him a lot more, because Gigi is the newest Student Ambassador at EC Miami English School!  Let him introduce himself as only he can: My name is Giangiuseppe but I go with Gigi. I come from Switzerland, the French part, and I am also Italian. I am here for improve my English and live a new experience in a country that I really like. I choose Miami because of the weather, the beach, the night life, and especially because of the basketball team, the Heat that I am a big fan of. I am friendly, funny, a little bit crazy (in a good way), generous and helpful. I like sports, especially basketball, soccer, football and dance.  I like to participate to the soccer club, the salsa club and I am the captain of the basketball club. I am a big hip hop fan, but I can also listen to house, reggeaton, rock.. Also, I really appreciate to do some activities with other students, old and new, like karaoke, dinner in some american traditional restaurant, and obviously my weekend starts on Wednesday, but I never miss a day of school. I decided to be a student ambassador because I will stay here for 4 months more, and I have been here since 2 months ago, I already know the town and the different things to do and to see. I particularly like the human contact and I am sociable so it will be a pleasure to introduce the new students to our wonderful school and to this amazing town. If you have some questions, don’t hesitate, Doctor Gigi is here. Any questions?  Call “The Doctor!”

Teacher of the Month — Eric Brown

Students come to EC Miami for many reasons.  Some are here to study for their Cambridge ESOL exams.  Others opt more less intensive courses —  and everyone takes advantage of the scenery and nightlife options available in Miami and Miami Beach.   November’s Teacher of the Month, Eric Brown, is one of the teachers that you may encounter during your time here.  Eric has recently been spending a lot of time with our exam prep students, and last Halloween won the prize for “Best Staff Costume” for his Ninja outfit!   Teacher’s Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO   Teacher’s Miami Recommendation:  “Art Basel — world-famous international art show with exhibition spaces all over the city.”   Teacher’s English Tip:  “Make all of your sounds in English — even your screams!  Leave the TV on at night when you go to sleep.  Dream in English.  When you wake up, you might remember something.  Finally, forget your native language completely.  You won’t be needing it anymore.”   Thanks and Congratulations to our Ninja teacher, Eric!  

New Teacher Profile — Lindsey Jordan

  Meet Lindsey!  One of the newest additions to our Miami English School! About me My name is Lindsey Jordan and I’m originally from Nashville, TN.  I’ve been living here in Miami for almost a year and a half, but I’ve been traveling here since I was a child. I enjoy going to the beach, exercising, traveling, spending time with my friends and family, and learning languages. I have also lived in Spain and Mexico. Professional Experience I am a native English speaker and I have been teaching for five years.  I’ve taught K-12th grades in the public school system, adult general English, and business English. I began my career in Spain, working in a public Spanish high school.  Later, I returned to the US and worked teaching Elementary and Middle School students. Currently, I teach adults and I love it because I meet new students every week from all over the world! Learning tips Don’t be shy in class, take advantage of your time here and speak as much as possible! Don’t worry about making mistakes, that is how you learn! My classes are… My classes are interactive, fun, and comfortable so that you can practice and improve your English.  Additionally, I like incorporating speaking activities as much as possible to help students improve their fluency faster. My favourite spot in Miami is… South Point Beach (most southern point of Miami Beach) and Key Biscayne (Bill Baggs State Park-beach by the light house) You can’t leave Miami without… Eating Key Lime Pie! Originally from Key West, but popular all over southern Florida. It is very refreshing on hot days or really any day!

Student of the Month – Heinz Heeb!

Our “Student of the Month” for the month of October is Heinz Heeb! Hello, my name is Heinz. I have been here since the 30th of August. The reason I’m here is just to improve my English. Miami is a nice place with a lot of things to do. You can go to the beach if the weather is good or when the weather is not so good there are a lot of shopping stores or malls. Near Miami are some other nice places which you can visit with the school, like Key West, the Everglades, Bahamas, and Orlando. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Miami to now. I met some new good friends from all over the world. For going out at night it has a lot of beautiful clubs. Maybe the greatest clubs I’ve ever seen, but there are some disadvantages like some special dress code. And it’s very expensive. I regret nothing. I would do the same again. If you have the possibility to come to Miami, DO IT!   Prospective students looking for a Miami English School should take Heinz’s advice (as well as a cue from Nike) and Just Do It!

Student Ambassador – Marisa Steiger

Warm welcome and congratulations to Student Ambassador Marisa Steiger. Who is Marisa? Read her biography below.   Hi, my name is Marisa Steiger I’m from Switzerland. I like Miami because the weather is perfect, the people are friendly and open-minded. I recommend scuba diving in the Key’s it an awesome experience. You will see many different kinds of fish and corals. If you aren’t  a scuba diver there are many places to discover scuba diving lessons or take snorkeling trips.

Student of the Month – Marco K.

Kathy has a lot of wonderful students, but she chose Marco in the Intermediate class to be her student of the month for February.  Marco, from Switzerland, can  be seen around the hallways of EC Miami smiling, laughing, carrying a skateboard and speaking lots of English. To find out more about Marco, keep reading! Student’s Miami Recommendation My advice for to go out are Monty’s down on 3rd St. or Mangos on Ocean Drive. If you want to meet some local people go north to about 68th St. and join Sandbar or at 74th St. go to Lou’s Beer Garden (lounge). The Everglades is definitely a place you have to visit. I also recommend Coconut Grove. Teacher’s Comments Friendly, kind, down to earth and hates speed dating ;-)! This was his self-description, and it is perfect. He is great student with a positive outlook on life. Marco was bumped up to intermediate a few weeks ago and jumps into everything with an infectious enthusiasm! I am convinced he will tackle the grammar and put “see us” in his past. Congratulations Marco!  

Teacher of the Month – Kathy!

Kathy has already been our teacher of the month for 2 weeks but we haven’t posted it to the world on our blog yet.  Keep reading to find out more about Kathy, our English for Work and Intermediate level teacher, and why she is so great! Teacher’s Hometown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania OR Frankfurt, Germany Teacher’s Miami Recommendation My favorite Miami tip is to go to South Pointe Park and the area south of 5th St. on Miami Beach.  I like the outdoor bar at Smith and Wollensky’s, and The Room on 1st  St. and Collins Ave. has a great, very relaxed atmosphere and hundreds of beers, wines, and champagne to choose from. Primo Pizza is next door and it is my personal favorite pizza. Bistro 555 (at the Wine Depot) has great French food and wines. Teacher’s English Tip He-she-it the s goes with 😉 Don’t forget to add the “s” for the third personal singular!  

Meet our German Student Ambassador – Adrian

This week we are going to spend some time meeting our new student ambassadors. First, we will meet Adrian, who is from Germany. He is in the Advanced Level and is 26 years old. Why did Adrian want to be a student ambassador? Keep reading to find out! “I have lots of experience in leading group activities and helping other students, for example, training their communication skills and planning activities. A good motivation, a good communication skills and of course looking forward to meet new people, improve my English and the intercultural communication to round out my course. My contributions [as a student ambassador] would be good team-playing skills, lots of fun, but also seriousness and the willingness to help others.” Adrian loves to explore places outside of Miami Beach, especially Wynwood. Feel free to ask him any questions about Wynwood or anything in the greater Miami area!

December Student of the Month: Gabriel!

Lynnette, who is our teacher of the month, chose Gabriel from the Low-Intermediate class as her Student of the Month. Gabriel who is from Lausanne, Switzerland and speaks French as his first language has been in Miami since the beginning of November.  We are so happy that he will be here after the holiday break as well, so EC Miami students will be seeing Gabriel around the school until March! Let’s find out more about Gabriel. Student’s Miami Recommendation You absolutely need to go to the Everglades and Bahamas.  It’s a beautiful and fun place!  And if you want a night party?  Go to Mansion Club. Lynnette’s Opinion of Gabriel as a Student Gabriel is organized and responsible; a very hard-working young man who is always eager to learn.  He studies and is kind to others.

Why did you choose Miami?

Coralie and her friend Christian travelled to EC Miami together from Switzerland. They recently left EC Miami and headed back to their home country but they were great students to have in class here and Coralie became famous among EC Miami students when she wore a very creative Halloween costume – Cookie Monster (and she gave away cookies to everyone!). We like to ask our students why they decided to study at EC Miami. Find out more about Coralie and Christian’s choices and Coralie’s experience at EC Miami by reading their testimonials below. “I improved my English for 3 weeks. I would like to stay and continue to learn but I must go back to work. I liked improving my conversation, especially on Thursday with the ‘Chill & Chat’. My accommodation in Hotel 18 was very practical because it’s good situated near the school. Thank you and all the best for EC school.” – Coralie Christian said that both of them liked the weather in Miami, but he also pointed out that the distance was important to him. “It’s also it’s not too far from my country. In less than 10 hours we can be there and it’s very nice.” -Christian Did they convince you? Come study with us at EC Miami! Find out more on our website: