An amazing opportunity to practice communicating in English, while submerging themselves with the American culture

Learning English the Fun Way with EC Miami

  Learning English does not have to be boring! Here at EC Miami, we try to make your experiences with us and your stay in Miami as interesting as possible. We organize many exciting events for the students to immerse themselves in the American culture. What an amazing way to experience the American culture through barbecue! The barbecue is a staple in American culture as a form of social gathering. It was amazing seeing the students and staff work together in making this event a success.   The staff and students came together at Margaret Pace Park, Downtown Miami. This eight-acre waterfront park on Biscayne Bay is gorgeous and welcoming for everyone. Even though there was some rain, the rain definitely did not put a damper on our spirits. Everyone enjoyed their time among friends, both old and new!    

“Put me in Coach … I’m Ready to Play!”

          … sang John Fogerty many years ago.  (“Centerfield”)   Jackie Robinson was the first African-American man to play in the Major Leagues.  Due to his legendary status, all teams in Major League Baseball retired his playing number, 42, as a way to honor him.  Every year, the MLB celebrates his legacy with “Jackie Robinson Day” — the one day of the year that ’42’ is unretired and all players wear it in tribute.  On this day, I went to Marlins Park to see the Miami Marlins take on the Washington Nationals and to celebrate the life of one of Baseball’s true heroes.   Going to Marlins Park is easy, and a great way to spend an afternoon/evening!   A movie about Robinson’s life, ’42’ is currently in theaters.   –Mark