EC Miami Library

On the first day that students arrive at EC Miami, we always give them a tour of the center and tell them that the EC Miami library is located inside of Elisa’s office, but many students seem to forget! Although our library is somewhat small, it is growing everyday as teachers and students bring in more books to add to the collection. If you want to borrow a book or DVD, all you need to do is sign it out and bring it back before you leave Miami.  We are open during the holiday too if you want to come visit us during your vacation and borrow one from us. If you want to donate a book, we would love to have your used ones! Why should you go to the library? Good question! The answer is that one of the best ways to expand your vocabulary and keep learning English outside of class is to read! You can ask any of your teachers and they will definitely say the same thing. Readers make good writers and reading is a great extracurricular activity. If you don’t know which book to read, you can always ask Elisa or your teachers for suggestions. We know that many students are reading books for Reading Circle with their teachers and these are good because they are appropriate for your level, but it’s always good to challenge yourself and read a “real” book too. So, borrow a book and read it beside the pool or the beach. Don’t worry about looking up every word. Just try to guess the meaning from the context and only look up words that are very important to understand the overall meaning. Miami is a perfect relaxing destination to read as much as you can in English!