Guess the Olympic Sport

With the Olympics happening right now, many people from all over the world are watching their televisions and reading sports news to find out how well their teams are doing. It’s interesting how the names of sports in various languages are sometimes quite different. Take this short quiz below to see how well you know the sports in the summer Olympics. We will reveal the answers tomorrow! 1. Players in this sport use a small racquet to hit a light ball back and forth. It’s similar to tennis, but smaller. 2. This sport is similar to handball, but it happens in a pool. 3. You must use a horse to do this sport and you can participate in 3 types of events, including jumping. 4. You need to use an arrow to do this sport. You also must aim for a target. 5. There are many events in this sport. Some of the most famous are running events, high jump, and long jump. 6. Many athletes in this sport are short, but they are very strong because they have to balance well and do a lot of flips and turns. 7. This sport is similar to handball, but you must dribble if you want to move with the ball. Miami is famous for this sport this year. 8. In this sport, athletes jump into the pool with their heads first. They sometimes do this in partners and they don’t want to make a big splash when they enter the pool. 9. This sport usually reminds people of the past because it involves fighting with swords. Players wear masks and all white clothing and try to hit each other with swords. 10. This event involves running, swimming, and biking.

EC Miami Olympics

The Olympics have already started in London and the opening ceremony was last Friday. To celebrate the beginning of this special sports celebration we decided to have an EC Miami Olympics competition last week. Students were grouped into teams, which had people from various different English levels. The teams had to do four events to determine the winner. The first event was  a spelling bee and students had to spell as many words correctly as possible. This was good practice for saying the letters in English as well. Next, there was the categories game in which the students had to think of words for every letter of the alphabet for various categories. For example, for the category “animals” the answers would be alligator, bear, crocodile, dog… The other two games involved other English challenges. In the running remembering game, students had to run to another classroom and memorize an idiom or phrase and come back and appropriately report it to their team. The final game was similar to Pictionary, but you had to close your eyes! So, the pictures of trees looked pretty interesting! In the end the winner of the competition was Team 5, the Hakuna Matatas! The winning team got gold (well, plastic) medals and a South Beach souvenir so that they can remember their time at EC Miami. Great work everybody and have fun watching the Olympics competitions during the next 2 weeks. Remember that you can always come watch your favorite Olympic event at EC Miami, we will be showing the Olympics all day long (until 5:00 p.m.)!