South Pointe Park

Yesterday, some of our students rented bikes and rode to South Pointe Park with Elisa. All of the students had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful park, even though it was very hot and sticky. We were surprised that many students had never heard of South Pointe Park, so we decided to tell you something about it. South Pointe Park is the furthest south part of Miami Beach. We know that many of you like to go to the club/bar/restaurant Nikki Beach. The park is near Nikki Beach. If you think about the map of South Beach, EC Miami is around 17th St. while South Pointe Park is located at 1st St. The park is very long but not very wide. It goes all the way from the bay to the Ocean and it ends at Miami Beach. Many people like to go to South Pointe Park to see a beautiful view of the ocean and the bay. It is a great place to go at sunset. Some people also like to visit the park to see the cruise ships leave the Port of Miami. The boats are huge when you are so close to them. There are not many places to eat or drink in the park, but there are little ice cream stands and one nice restaurant called Smith & Wollensky’s. This restaurant is a little expensive, but it has a good happy hour and you can sit outside and watch the people, the park, the water, and the boats. So, next time you are going towards the South of Miami Beach, make sure to check out South Pointe Park!

Take A Beach Break, Try a Park!

We know that many of your love to spend your days relaxing and sunbathing on Miami Beach, but there are many other options besides the beach. If you want a beach break, we suggest that you try out Flamingo Park. Flamingo Park is a medium-sized, public park located just a few blocks south of EC Miami. It is located between Alton Road and Meridian Avenue (east to west) and 11th St. to 15th St. (north to south). Flamingo Park has many free or cheap facilities that are open to the public. For people who want to be very active, there is a track as well as fields for various sports, such as soccer. There are also basketball courts and tennis courts. In addition to these ball-related sports, there is also an aquatics center. An aquatics center is a fancy name for a pool. The pool is open most days of the week and includes an area to swim laps. The price to enter the pool is $10 for adults or it is free if you can prove that you are a Miami Beach resident. To do this you would probably need something showing your address in Miami. Whether you want to go for a swim, play ball, go for a run, or simply sit under a tree to read, Flamingo Park is a great place to go. For more information go to the Flamingo Park website. So, next time you are walking down Alton Road, take a detour and check out this lovely green space!