Students See Sony Ericsson Tournament Matches

Some of our students (and teachers) have spent the past week making the trek to Key Biscayne to watch the Sony Ericsson tennis tournament. This event, which has been going on since the middle of March, brings many big tennis stars from around the world to Miami. Lucky for us at EC Miami, the event has still had many tickets available and many people were able to watch matches. Michelle’s class was able to attend the matches as a group on Thursday and they saw some of the women’s games. Before taking them to the sporting competition, Michelle went over some sports vocabulary with her students. Other students decided to go on their own and they decided to take public transportation quite a long way to get to the event location. Although all students said that they enjoyed themselves, some of them were very tired after long nights commuting back to Miami Beach from Key Biscayne. One of the most surprising matches in the tournament was between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer because Roddick unexpectedly won. Some Swiss students here were not too happy to hear about the loss. Despite winning in that round, Roddick, lost a later match. To sum up, no matter how students arrived at the Sony Ericsson event, they all had a good experience. We are sure that many of our students will be watching the final this Sunday, April 1st, which is the last day of the event. We love that there are so many exciting activities all around us here in Miami!