Welcome 2020!!!

So, here we go again. New Year’s eve in South Beach. The vibes are definitely different around here. That is why all teachers agreed to devote five minutes in class to have students talk about New Year’s resolutions. Statements like these came out: “I want to improve my English”, “I want to exercise more often”, “I want to get new job”, and stuff like that. Right after that, we had the idea of taking advantage of our famous building on lovely Lincoln road. The 1111 Lincoln Road building has been an icon of South Beach and its majestic views. We all managed to get some time to get up to the rooftop of the building. At EC Miami on the last day of this year Sandy, one of our adorable teachers, took the initiative to get an amazing photo with teachers, staff and students from Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Sandy even brought in a couple of banners in red that added up to the message we wanted to send everybody. So you guys can get the picture of what went down during day time.       On the other hand, something cool to do at night is to go and enjoy the traditional super awesome fireworks show on Ocean Drive. It is thrilling to see visitors from across the globe coming all the way to Miami Beach to spend the holiday season. People do all kinds of stuff. Right on Ocean Drive between 5th and 14th streets, you get to see travelers walking up and down while the action is taking place. Everybody walking around with a look of great expectation in their eyes, having a drink, and willing to share a few words to wish a Happy New Year regardless where you all guys … Read more

Meet our new student ambassador, Ewa.

Meet our new student ambassador, Ewa.

 Let’s welcome our new student ambassador, Ewa! 🙂   My name is Ewa Katharina Schiffmann. I live on a horse ranch in Germany, my hometown is near Hamburg. My nationality is Swedish I speak three languages German, English and Swedish. I have three siblings two sisters and one twin brother our date of birth was on the 4th November 1998. I will be 19 in Miami. In my spare time, I ride my horse and go on competitions, do some fitness, meet my friends, sailing with my family or watch good movies, my favorite is Burlesque with Christina Aguilera. I love to travel my favorite places are Paris, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, London, Barcelona, Mykonos, New York and Miami. Someday I want to visit the Maldives. Next year in March I begin my study in food development at a university in Hamburg, it’s important for the study to have good English skills, that’s why I’m here to take English lessons in Miami. My favorite activities in Miami are biking, fitness and of course to lie on the beach. If you have any questions you can always ask me!      

Meet our newest Student Ambassador from Morocco

Meet our Student Ambassador: Bouchra (Nina) Fikri

  Have you ever considered taking any English classes in a location that is always sunny and close to the beach? If yes, we provide the perfect English classes in Miami for your needs! At EC Miami, we try to make your stay in Miami as enjoyable and unique as possible. An excellent example of a fun, and interesting Miami experience is becoming a Student Ambassador! Bouchra (Nina) Fikri, from Morocco, is one of our Student Ambassador and she has led amazing activities for her peers. Nina’s outgoing personality is one of the many reasons why she is an amazing representative of our student body.   Miami is the best place to be, especially during the winter! I have already been here for more than six months and I’m enjoying every moment here. Miami became my home and EC Miami’s staff members became my family. I chose EC Miami based on internet and previous students’ comments but this experience has surpassed my expectation. My knowledge of English and American culture is improving day after day because of EC Miami. Thank you for making my life better.   Bouchra (Nina) Fikri Moroccan

Meet our new Student Ambassador

Gain Leadership Experience while taking English Courses in the USA

  EC Miami would like to introduce to you our new Student Ambassador. She is from Germany and her outgoing personality was the reason why she was assign to this position. There are perks of taking English courses in the USA, especially taking it with us! We provide leadership opportunities for the students to gain from their experience learning English through our school.   She wrote a testimonial about EC Miami, and how EC Miami has an excellent and diverse atmosphere. Additionally, she wrote about her excitement representing EC Miami as a Student Ambassador. Let’s read what she wrote! I decided to attend EC Miami because of its globalized atmosphere. There are students from all over the world who enjoy learning English. Therefore, we can have conversations and introduce our different cultures to each other. It is also worth mentioning that the teachers do their best to solve our questions in the best way possible. Simultaneously, they become our friend, which gives students an informal atmosphere. All in all, what I love most about EC Miami is that they make us feel at home by organizing various activities to get to know each other and obviously that is the perfect way to make learning fun. I’m glad to have the honor of being EC Miami’s new student ambassador and I am extremely looking forwards to performing my duties.   Zelal Yalcin Germany

Otavio talks about his journey as EC Miami's Student Ambassador

Study English in the USA with Otavio!

  Meet Otavio Dantas Lima De Castro from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! He chose to study English in the USA because he wanted to be surrounded by amazing sceneries, wonderful weather, and English speaking individuals who could improve his communication skills in English. As he reminisce his last few weeks in Miami, he talks about his incredibly unique experience as an EC Miami student, a Student Ambassador for EC Miami, and a tourist from Brazil! Otavio was one of the many students who watched the Miami Heat Game live at the American Airline Arena. What made this experience unique to him was he was given the opportunity to be on the Miami Heat Basketball Court after the game and shoot some hoops! Let’s read more about his wonderful time with EC Miami It’s almost time for me to go back home. I have to say that I chose EC Miami because of this wonderful city called Miami Beach. As you know, the stunning beaches, the great weather and touristic attractions were a must for me. So far, my English has become so much more fluent that I feel so comfortable with the language and have really no problems in expressing myself. It feels like the English language is in my blood as it comes out so naturally now. I have to be really thankful for the teachers, the lessons, and the great knowledge that has been given to me. I am quite sure that my teachers can notice my knowledge and that they can see my improvement throughout my stay in Miami. The activities that I’ve enjoyed the most? Well, there are so many to list but let me mention some of them: Key West snorkling, Basketball game and the Everglades. These experiences will never be forgotten, moreover, there are … Read more

Learn English as Our Student Ambassador

  At EC Miami, we encourage students to part-take the EC Miami Student Ambassador program as another medium to learn English. As a reward, the Student Ambassador will receive a letter of recommendation and a special certificate! Meet Renan De Almeida Jr, one of our three Student Ambassador, and his experience at EC Miami.   Not only did Renan talked about his adventures at Miami with EC Miami, he also talks about one of the FREE activities we held for the students. Last Thursday, he participated in a Yoga Class led by EC Miami’s own Assistant Academic Director, Michelle Brillouet. Read what Renan has to say about his unique EC Miami experiences.   My name is Renan Jr, I’m from Brasilia, Brazil. This is my second time in Miami. In my opinion, Miami is an AMAZING city because here you will have a great experience in Miami. I’ve been living in Miami since July 2015 and I love staying here! Every week, I will meet new people and make new friends. I’m certain that I have made long-life friends. If I could give you an advice, I would suggest making new friends from others countries, because not only will you learn English at EC Miami, you will learn another language through the friends you made at EC Miami. Last Thursday, we had Michelle teaching us yoga positions. She also talked about the benefits a person could achieve by practicing yoga at a daily basis. I was really interested to learn about yoga because a lot of Brazilians practices yoga. It was nice to learn about the benefits of yoga because it helps you to relax! I recommend everyone trying yoga for the first time to do it with Michelle! Renan Jr Brazil Student Ambassador

Otavio talks about his journey as EC Miami's Student Ambassador

Meet Otavio Luiz, EC Miami Student Ambassador

  At EC, a top-notch English school in Miami, we provide students with excellent opportunities to improve their interpersonal and leadership skills and utilize what they learn in class in the outside world. To be a Student Ambassador at EC Miami, students are required to be enrolled in the intermediate or upper English program for at least 6 weeks, have excellent attendance, and complete the application form. As a reward and our way to say thank you to the Student Ambassadors, we give the students an EC Certificate of Acknowledgement and an authorized letter of recommendation from the Center Director. Meet Otavio Luiz, a Student Ambassador at EC Miami! He is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and he has been with EC Miami for a month. Only a month in and he has been doing an amazing job as a Student Ambassador! Since being with EC Miami and becoming a Student Ambassador, he has impeccable confident to communicate with native speakers. Read Otavio’s biography below.   My name is Otavio Luiz, I am from Brazil. It is my first time ever here in the United States, and so far I love it. Miami Beach is a tourist city, so you will get to know not only about the American culture, but also the Hispanic one. I have been here since June 13th, and since then I must say that it has been a great experience. You can get to know a lot of other students from all over the world. In the classes, the teachers are very helpful and they do their best to make sure that you are learning. I am really happy for being here. I feel that my English is improving over time and now I also feel more confident when talking to a native speaker. If I could give you some advice, use the … Read more

Meet Mandy, Our Newest Student Ambassador!

Of all the US language schools she could have chosen, Mandy decided to come to EC Miami.  And we’re so glad she did, as she’s one of our new Student Ambassadors! Hi everyone!! My name is Mandy, and I’m a new Student Ambassador. I’m 21 years old and I’m from the Italian part of Switzerland. My native language is Italian, but I also can speak a little German, French, Spanish and of course the one we are here to learn or improve, English! I’m a friendly and upstanding person, who loves parties, fitness and meeting new people. So, if you need some help, you want to celebrate, or do some activities do not hesitate to contact me; I will try to do my best ! Enjoy Miami! =)

Meet Sabrina, Our New Student Ambassador!

Sabrina Felix, taking an English course in the US here at EC Miami, is one of our newest Student Ambassadors! Hey there my Name is Sabrina. At the moment, I’m living in North Miami Beach. I’m coming from Switzerland, near Basel. Now, I have been here for four weeks and I love IT. The beach, the ocean, and of course the school:-) So, when you need any help you can reach my in person at the school or by message on Facebook.

Student Testmonial — Pirmin!

  Pirmin is currently one of our Student Ambassadors, and is taking General English courses with us at EC Miami.  Perhaps, in the future, he will be ready for Cambridge ESOL courses! I chose this destination because when I decided to come to America it was important for me that the weather is warm. I can go to the beach and the city has a crazy night life. My agent told me that Miami is the best option for this requirement. I’ve been here since October until now and I’ve learned a lot. At the beginning, my English was terrible and now I’ve improved my English a lot. The best activity for me was the Miami Heat game. Because I am a big fan of Miami Heat team.  In the school, I like the people who work in the office because they are friendly and helpful.  (I like it!)) Teachers are also very friendly and enthusiastic.  I would recommend the school to my friends and one of my friends will come in April!. When I go back to Switzerland, I will remember all things in here because I liked the school, the teachers staff and of course all the funny moments with my new friends from all over the world.