Idiom of the Week – “ask out”

It’s February and love is in the air!  We can see our Student Ambassador, Gigi, is definitely in the spirit.  A red rose in one hand, and the hand of a beautiful woman in the other, we can see that he is asking Myriam out on a date.  Perhaps dinner?  Perhaps a movie?  Maybe a romantic walk on … Read more

Student Testimonial — Vanessa Schorr

  Vanessa is one of our former Student Ambassadors.  Some of you may remember her from her skydiving adventure a few months ago.  Vanessa came here to take one of our Cambridge ESOL courses to prepare for her CPE (She passed!).  She recently sent an email talking about her experience here at EC … Read more

Academic Lecture — “Thanksgiving” — by Minji Kang

  Every month students are given an opportunity to attend a college-style lecture given either by one of our teachers, or by an invited member of the community.  Over the time since the EC Miami English School has been open, we have had many students learn about varied subjects.  One constant, … Read more

Meet Our Newest Student Ambassador!

Some of you may remember Gigi, who recently wrote about his experience of seeing the Miami Heat for the first time.  Get ready to hear from him a lot more, because Gigi is the newest Student Ambassador at EC Miami English School!  Let him introduce himself as only he can: My name is Giangiuseppe but … Read more

Minji Goes Shooting!

Minji Kang is not only one of our Student Ambassadors here at EC Miami, but she has also been preparing for her Cambridge ESOL Exams since she arrived last June.  Recently, she went with some friends to a local indoor shooting range for a new experience —  Target Shooting.  Minji writes: Have … Read more

Idiom of the Week – “Hitting the Books”

This week, two of the Student Ambassadors at our Miami English School are demonstrating this week’s idiom: “Hitting The Books”. Obviously, the idiom isn’t as violent as a direct translation would make it sound. Neither Minji nor Vanessa is getting violent with any of their bo … Read more

Meet our German Student Ambassador – Adrian

This week we are going to spend some time meeting our new student ambassadors. First, we will meet Adrian, who is from Germany. He is in the Advanced Level and is 26 years old. Why did Adrian want to be a student ambassador? Keep reading to find out! “I have lots of experience in leading group … Read more