How English Classes in Miami is the Best!

English classes in Miami are the best – Student

  Gian Reto Kohler was awarded as Student of the Month by Michela Martin. Hiss friendly and outgoing personality was the many reasons why he was chosen as EC Miami’s Student of the Month. He is from Switzerland and he wrote about his time here at EC as well as the English classes we offer in Miami. He mentioned that the main reason why he chose to take English classes in Miami was the amazing weather! He loves the Miami Heat Basketball games that we provide to students monthly, in which a student could sign up at the binder. He has truly enjoyed his time here at EC Miami whether he was in class or having a cup of coffee at Segafredo. Lastly, he recommends everyone to come to EC Miami and enrolled into our English classes. As it was a splendid experience for him and it is worth coming to EC Miami once in your life!

Sungbin Jo, a student from South Korea, was nominated by Cary Sands as Student of the Month

Why I chose EC Miami English Center?

EC Miami English Center‘s Student of the Month, Sungbin Jo, wrote his reasoning behind his decision to learn English with EC Miami. He explained the different cultural dynamic in Miami, as well as the amazing tropical weather. He talked about his excitement studying in Miami. Cary Sands, an Elementary teacher, chose Sungbin Jo as Student of the Month for his amazing sense of humor. Being new to EC Miami himself, he wanted to pick a student that expresses EC Miami’s unique environment. Sungbin Jo is friendly, and he has made friends from different countries with different English level. Before arriving to Miami, I thought Miami’s weather was amazing and there were a lot of cultural dynamic. It is exactly how I imagined my time at EC Miami would be! I absolutely enjoyed my life in Miami. The people here are friendly, and AWESOME! At first I thought I would stay here for six months, but I would love to stay here longer. I love Miami and I love EC Miami! Sungbin Jo Student of the Month South Korea

An excellent and dedicated student.

Student of the Month: Thamer Aldibasi

  Meet Thamer Aldibasi from Saudi Arabia. He brought his 1-year old daughter to EC Miami to show her around the place where he learn English. In actuality, he brought her to high-five all of the teachers who have helped improve his English communication skills! His teacher, Gammal, awarded him the EC Miami’s Student of the Month award. According to Gammal, Thamer is an excellent student and he actively participated in class. He also uses expressions and new words that he learns in class right away. Thamer also wrote a paragraph about his learning experience with EC Miami. He mentioned his wonderful experience and how he have improved tremendously upon his arrival at EC Miami.   I have a very wonderful experience in EC Miami. Thanks to EC Miami, I can talk and communicate with people and this is due to the effort of the teachers and staff. Special thanks to Jessica, Michelle, and Kristin as well as my teachers Rafael, Alexis, Chris, Gammal, and Ian. I strongly advise everyone to learn English at EC Miami. Thamer Aldibasi Saudi Arabia

This student was chosen by our Teacher of the Month, Ian Brailsford, as student of the month. She talks about her amazingly unique experiences at EC Miami.

Student of the Month: Marta Caminero

  At EC Miami, a top-notch English school in Miami Beach, the teacher of the month chooses the student of the month. For the month of August, the title of Student of the Month was awarded to Marta Caminero from Spain. According to Ian Brailsford, her teacher, Marta is a very dedicated, hardworking student. She takes an interest in each class activity and participates meaningfully every day. Therefore, her English skills have greatly improved since starting at EC Miami. Marta is always positive, friendly, and helpful. She talks about her experience in Miami and fondest memories at EC Miami. “The only thing that I can say about Miami and EC Miami is that they are AMAZING!! I had never thought that this experience would be so incredible. I am learning a lot of English. There are many different teachers and all of them are GREAT. If you need something, the staff will help you. For me, EC Miami is not only English, here you will have great experiences. For me, one of the most special things of EC Miami is meeting people from different countries all over the world. Miami is a paradise. Everything you want is HERE!”   Marta Caminero, Spain

Student of the Month — Inaha Hwang!

Taking her English course in the US since last December, our Student of the Month for June is Inaha Hwang from High-Intermediate! Hometown: Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea Student Thoughts: Miami has a log of wonderful places and EC Miami is located in one of the famous places in Miami.  There are good restaurants and shopping places.  Also, EC Miami is very close to Miami Beach, so after school, students are going to the beach together.  I’ve been in Miami for six months and I’ll stay two more months.  EC teachers are really nice, friendly, open-minded.  We can enjoy a lot of activities with them.  My English has been improving since I came here. Mark’s comments about Inaha: Ina has been wonderful ever since she arrived.  I have truly enjoyed watching her embrace her English studies and also her new appreciation for the Rolling Stones (courtesy of her teacher).  She is a great example for our students!

Student of the Month – Heinz Heeb!

Our “Student of the Month” for the month of October is Heinz Heeb! Hello, my name is Heinz. I have been here since the 30th of August. The reason I’m here is just to improve my English. Miami is a nice place with a lot of things to do. You can go to the beach if the weather is good or when the weather is not so good there are a lot of shopping stores or malls. Near Miami are some other nice places which you can visit with the school, like Key West, the Everglades, Bahamas, and Orlando. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Miami to now. I met some new good friends from all over the world. For going out at night it has a lot of beautiful clubs. Maybe the greatest clubs I’ve ever seen, but there are some disadvantages like some special dress code. And it’s very expensive. I regret nothing. I would do the same again. If you have the possibility to come to Miami, DO IT!   Prospective students looking for a Miami English School should take Heinz’s advice (as well as a cue from Nike) and Just Do It!

Student of the Month – Willian Rodrigues

Student’s Hometown Sao Paulo, Brazil Student’s Miami Thoughts   Study abroad is a unique experience in our lives. EC Miami provides to all students excellent teachers and the opportunity to be in contact with different cultures. Moreover, Miami Beach is also an amazing place to enjoy the nightlife and spend your time at the beach with the sunny weather.  Don’t forget to eat at Zuma restaurant and party at LIV club. Enjoy Miami Beach! Teacher’s Comments Will is an incredibly accomplished guy – he holds a law degree, an MBA, and he’s training for the Ironman competition. He applies the same kind of work ethic to his English studies. Perhaps more importantly, though, he’s got a great sense of humor and really serves as a leader in the classroom.

Student of the Month – Marco K.

Kathy has a lot of wonderful students, but she chose Marco in the Intermediate class to be her student of the month for February.  Marco, from Switzerland, can  be seen around the hallways of EC Miami smiling, laughing, carrying a skateboard and speaking lots of English. To find out more about Marco, keep reading! Student’s Miami Recommendation My advice for to go out are Monty’s down on 3rd St. or Mangos on Ocean Drive. If you want to meet some local people go north to about 68th St. and join Sandbar or at 74th St. go to Lou’s Beer Garden (lounge). The Everglades is definitely a place you have to visit. I also recommend Coconut Grove. Teacher’s Comments Friendly, kind, down to earth and hates speed dating ;-)! This was his self-description, and it is perfect. He is great student with a positive outlook on life. Marco was bumped up to intermediate a few weeks ago and jumps into everything with an infectious enthusiasm! I am convinced he will tackle the grammar and put “see us” in his past. Congratulations Marco!  

EC Miami’s Spicy Sauce Challenge!

Yesterday, EC Miami students were put to the ultimate test. The EC Miami staff wanted to see which one of our international students can stand up to the Miami Heat!! EC’s, Dipshika Karki and 11 EC Miami students went to lunch at LIME on Lincoln Road for an introduction on Mexican tapas. Students ordered various platters featuring burritos, tacos, salads, wraps, and non stop chips & dip. LIME, features a variety of sauces ranging from the mildest of mild to scorching hot sauces; some which are banned for retail sale. Student’s tried different sauces to test their limits and while most of the students came out as winners in the “spicy sauce challenge”, some students were running for the water pitcher. Did you know? There is a sauce called D-7 hot sauce, which can burn through meats. These  sauces are made from the hottest chili peppers on earth! Most people may not know this, but when consuming spicy food- water usually makes matters worst. The trick is to drink milk or eat bread to reduce the burning. New research shows that eating spicy foods, within limits, may actually be good for your health.

December Student of the Month: Gabriel!

Lynnette, who is our teacher of the month, chose Gabriel from the Low-Intermediate class as her Student of the Month. Gabriel who is from Lausanne, Switzerland and speaks French as his first language has been in Miami since the beginning of November.  We are so happy that he will be here after the holiday break as well, so EC Miami students will be seeing Gabriel around the school until March! Let’s find out more about Gabriel. Student’s Miami Recommendation You absolutely need to go to the Everglades and Bahamas.  It’s a beautiful and fun place!  And if you want a night party?  Go to Mansion Club. Lynnette’s Opinion of Gabriel as a Student Gabriel is organized and responsible; a very hard-working young man who is always eager to learn.  He studies and is kind to others.