Monster Jam in Miami 2020.

The Monster Jam takes place in the USA every year. It’s a worldwide entertainment event that has been going on since 1992. In each country it’s possible to watch this fantastic American cars show on TV. However, on this occasion instead of going to a baseball game at the gorgeous Marlins Park of Miami, fans made a little exception in order to attend to the roaring Monster Jam hosted in our always sunny city . Actually, three of our students coming from Switzerland Ronny, Matthias and Michele did, and they had tons of fun as long life fans last February 22nd and 23rd . Around our English school in Miami they constantly point out that in Switzerland the Monster Jam is a big deal. They couldn’t wait to go to this one and make a dream come true. Cool way to spend your free time when you are not in class, huh guys? For them, this was an awesome opportunity to be in touch with the culture of American entertainment.     The Stadium was packed with most of the public who were children wearing a t-shirt or a hat of their favorite cars, and they could all feel the typical atmosphere of the American culture. Well then, so this time enjoying watching all those heavy pound trucks driven by high performance pilots can not be passed up. Countless feats of dirt hitting and grinding are the delight of the show. Also, the booming roar gets you those thrilling goosebumps. Actually, the Monster Jam features three events: Racing Competitions, Skills Challenge, and Freestyle. At 7:30 pm the show began. All the cars came into a field full of obstacles and hills for the jumps. There was a quick presentation of the cars and it was time for the first competition, … Read more

An Ocean Adventure

There is nothing like sharing an interest that you have with your partners at our EC English school in Miami. Likewise, we appreciate any written work our students want to post on our blog. This time and inspired by the ocean view through the airplane window seat upon his arrival, Lukas Anrig (coming from Switzerland) was willing to share his dream come true of sailing across the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. So there we go! Here is his testimonial:     “I bought a sail yacht in 2012 and started a big adventure with my family. With my wife we have two children, Nick and Laurelle, and my dog, Nina. We set off from Venice, Italy because in Switzerland we don’t have the sea. So in the summer of 2012 the adventure got started. We crossed the Adriatic Sea from Greece back to Italy. After many days, we were on the Balearic Islands. We learned a lot about handling the boat. Sometimes we had bad weather, big waves and strong winds. Our kids helped us direct the sail yacht and the dog was a nice company. After six months we arrived in Gibraltar, the door to the Atlantic. We had to wait for three weeks until the weather was fine. Then, it was possible to start heading towards Canary Islands. Five days later our anchor goes down in Lanzarote-a very nice bay. We visited different islands of the Canary Islands chain. We bought a lot of food, water, beer, and wine to be on board for such a long time. La Gomera was our last point in Europe. After eight days we arrived in Mindelo, Cape Verde. For five days the weather was really bad with storms and big waves up to 25 feet and 35 to 50-knot … Read more

Miami, a great choice to come and learn English.

As an example of the meaningful and enjoyable writing exercises to Learn English in Miami, in the free class that we offer at EC Miami students were asking about the right structure of a paragraph. They learned that a reasonable paragraph should include three essential elements: a topic sentence, supporting points that can be supplemented  by one or two more sentences, and a conclusion. With all of this in mind, we decided to write about why Miami Beach is a great choice to come to the United States and learn English. Here is the written work by one of our students, Danil, who is in the Pre-Intermediate class. He actually finished up a very interesting paragraph that we want to share with you all this time: Miami Beach is a great choice to come and learn English for many reasons. First of all, the weather is very comfortable. I mean, it is convenient for me because it helps me relax and recharge myself after class. It doesn’t snow here. The temperature doesn’t go down like in other states and cities of the US. Secondly, everything is really close. You don’t really need to rent a car or a motorcycle to get somewhere. With a scooter, a bicycle, or even a nice walk you can get to supermarkets, restaurants, bars and stores very easily. Thirdly, people are amazing. They are really friendly around here. You can also make friends any time, and if something ever happens to you, you will get help from them as soon as possible. Finally, Miami Beach is located across the bridge from Miami, one of the big cities in the US where shopping is very convenient. When you need to buy something, you just find the nearest mall. There are many of them near here. You … Read more

Visit to the Everglades with EC Miami Students!

If you are ever coming to South Florida, definitely you can’t miss an entertaining visit to the Everglades, is that right or what? Our students at EC English School Miami are pretty aware of having that cool chance to go down there from sunny lively South Beach. Having a car trip down to the Everglades is a must, let me tell you that. Nothing compares to going and seeing our Florida-famous alligators. Upon arrival, our constantly-curious students take a wind-hitting ride on the Air boat so that the views might be better enjoyed. Don’t even be that surprised if all of a sudden an alligator swims over to the Air boat.Those “green lovely-scary boys” might show up with a loud noise right in the middle of the calm atmosphere that the Everglades always have to offer. Listen up! No need to be scared, though. “It’s a combination of scary and exciting”, Says Natalia, one of our students coming from colorful Colombia! Right after the thrilling Air boat ride, our students take advantage, obviously, to take amazing pics with “baby alligators” (isn’t that sweet?). And even a few minutes later, they are ready to enjoy that show in which one of the Everglades guys sticks his head where it doesn’t belong, (LOL) the mouth of an alligator, no less! “It’s awesome!”, says Yoshiki from Japan.       If you look in the photos above – you’ll see our charming students in the Intermediate class coming from all over the world, including Colombia, Japan, and Switzerland. In this way, you will get an idea of plenty of plans to do when coming to Miami. On trips like these, students have an opportunity to get a good memory and even a story to tell their close ones. If you are interested in … Read more

Guided E-Learning

EC Online, another way to learn English

    What exactly is EC Online? It is a website where you can be aware of what’s happening at school and check your student profile. If you want to log in, you just have to go to the EC website. On the top of the screen you can see an item “Sign in”.     To sign in, you have to know your student ID number, normally you can find it on your booking confirmation. If not, you can ask the Academic office or your teacher, they can give it to you. On this network you can check your timeline as an EC Student, your attendance, the summary of your daily classes, the activities planned by the school for the month. You also find useful information about the school or ife in Miami (requests, questionnaires, accommodations, academic, tips). Finally, this web page gives you the opportunity to learn English in a different way. You will find a section called “study” on the left of the page. Here, there is a lot to do, you have different kind of exercises like writing, listening, reading and the most important is that everything is classed by topics so you can choose one that you actually like. You can also take an exam to check your level. I recommend this website to every EC Students especially to new ones because we all know that the first week isn’t easy, when you are by yourself in a new country and this website is full of tips.   – Celine, France

Heechan Chae, new intern at EC Miami

Meet Heechan Chae, our new intern at EC Miami

  Let me introduce you our new intern at school. Heechan Chae (but you can also call him Emman) is 24 and from South Korea. He will be interning for 4 months starting this week. He has a Major in business administration and will be in charge of this area at EC Miami School. Miami is not his first experience in the US: before coming here, he was first in Orlando, Fl and then in Delaware State. He chose the US to study and intern because he wants to improve his American English and also to have an international work experience. He loves travelling, meeting new people, playing pool and watching american dramas such as How I Met Your Mother. If you have any questions, you will find him at the front desk or in the office behind. A message from him to all EC Students: “Good to meet you and I would like to be a friend of you all!” – Celine, France

Benedikt is one of EC Miami's current student and Miami's sports fanatic, have written a blog post about his favorite sporting event in Miami

Take English Language Courses in the USA and Go to a Sport Event by Benedikt Schmaltz

  EC Miami is one of the ten USA locations that a student could choose to take English language courses in the USA. Our Miami location is extremely unique because the school is located in an iconic landmark building, in the heart of South Beach. Additionally, the white sand and turquoise water is just a short walk away from the schools and our student accommodations. One of the fun things you could do as a student at EC Miami is part-take in the sporting events held seasonally. Benedikt Schmaltz, one of EC Miami’s current student, was fortunate to watch the Miami Dolphins Football Game and the Miami Heat Basketball Game live! He wrote a blog post for you to read and experience his favorite sporting events in Miami.   Miami Dolphins is Miami’s football team! Their home games are played at the Sun Life Stadium, which seats 76,100 fans. If you are coming from South Beach, you could use a car or an uber that will take you to the stadium in 35 minutes or you could ride the bus for a longer but cheaper option to reach your destination. When you arrive at the stadium, you will see a sea of people heading to the stadium. You will not realize how many people are at the stadium until you’ve walked through the gates and saw the field for the first time. It is an amazing feeling to witness the fans and hearing them cheer for the Dolphins. You do not need to know the rules of the game. It is a very easy sports to follow and you will understand it within the first quarter. Also, the fans are happy to explain how the game goes! The atmosphere is an amazing experience itself. The fans enthusiastic cheers for the Dolphins, you cannot help … Read more

Zelal, EC Miami's Student Ambassador, led the Dance Cruise activity two weeks ago

Dance Cruise with EC Miami English Center

  EC Miami English Center takes pride of planning fun-filled activities with our Student Ambassadors. One of the many planned activities that we planned for our monthly calendar was the dance cruise. It would be an exciting event for students to communicating in English with each other and other tourists as well. One of our student ambassador, Zelal, helped planned a dance cruise for the students for them to see the Miami skyline at night. It was a wonderful mixer for students to meet and mingle. Read what she had to say about the activity.   On Sunday, 24th January, 27 students joined the Miami Dance Cruise activity. It features a professional DJ who spinned all the latest dance club hits on a 90-minute outing. EC Miami students dances and enjoyed a view of the Miami skyline at night. As we sailed from Bayside Marketplace to Miami Beach and back. We had enough time to get to know each other closer and made new friends. Therefore, reached the activity’s goal by having so much fun! Zelal Student Ambassador

Meet our newest Student Ambassador from Morocco

Meet our Student Ambassador: Bouchra (Nina) Fikri

  Have you ever considered taking any English classes in a location that is always sunny and close to the beach? If yes, we provide the perfect English classes in Miami for your needs! At EC Miami, we try to make your stay in Miami as enjoyable and unique as possible. An excellent example of a fun, and interesting Miami experience is becoming a Student Ambassador! Bouchra (Nina) Fikri, from Morocco, is one of our Student Ambassador and she has led amazing activities for her peers. Nina’s outgoing personality is one of the many reasons why she is an amazing representative of our student body.   Miami is the best place to be, especially during the winter! I have already been here for more than six months and I’m enjoying every moment here. Miami became my home and EC Miami’s staff members became my family. I chose EC Miami based on internet and previous students’ comments but this experience has surpassed my expectation. My knowledge of English and American culture is improving day after day because of EC Miami. Thank you for making my life better.   Bouchra (Nina) Fikri Moroccan

Bannarot, a student at EC Miami, wrote about his Everglades trip last weekend

Everglades Trip by Bannarot Sangiampornpanich

  Last weekend, a group of EC Miami students visited the Everglades for the first time. EC Miami tries to provide our students with full immersion English courses in Miami by planning fun-filled activities. One of the activities we plan regularly is the trip to Everglades. Though this activity was led by one of our Student Ambassador, Shoko Yamasaki, Bannarot was gracious enough to write this post. He wrote about his travels with his new international friends. It was an interesting activity for him as he compares the different fauna and flora in the United States to Thailand’s nature. Let us read about his experience at the Everglades!   Everglade National Park is a U.S. National Park in Florida. In the United States, it is the largest tropical wilderness of any kind east of the Mississippi River, and is visited on average by one million people each year. Geography and ecology of the Everglades involve the complex elements affecting the natural environment. Many wild animals live and survive in the Everglades. Last Sunday, I decided to visit Everglade National Park with the school. It was a good opportunity to travel with foreign friends in the United States. My friends at the school invited me to go to Everglade because it has so many wild animals to see in there such as Alligators, great blue herons, great egrets, anhingas, etc. However, I wanted to see wild American animals in Florida. We took a bus from Miami Beach to Everglades around 2 hours, it is not far from Miami. First, I was very excited, when I was looking at airboats in front of me on the river. Second, I sat on an airboat with my friends, and we were talking funnily. The airboat was running very fast. I could see beautiful landscapes in front of … Read more