An ESL Instructor from Colombia

Learn English with EC Miami’s Teacher of the Month

  Congratulations to Gammal Zambrano as he was awarded Teacher of the Month! He is an English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor and he is from Bogota, Colombia. He recommends any visitors and students to go to Flanigan’s in North Miami Beach because it is a nice place to watch sports … Read more

Staff Member of the Month — Mark Little!

The Staff Member of the Month is Mark Little, one of our Full-Time Instructors here at EC Miami.  Students looking at US language schools may see him around! Hometown: Washington, D.C. Mark’s Miami Recommendation: Get off of South Beach and experience the rest of Miami and South Florida!  Catc … Read more

Staff Member of the Month — Michelle Brillouet!

If you take Cambridge ESOL or TOEFL in Miami, you might meet up with Michelle! Hometown:  London, UK Michelle’s Miami Recommendation: GET OFF SOUTH BEACH! There are so many fun things to do on the mainland, why not take that leap of faith. If you haven’t already, go to Wynwood for art walk. Ea … Read more

Teacher of the Month — Eric Brown

Students come to EC Miami for many reasons.  Some are here to study for their Cambridge ESOL exams.  Others opt more less intensive courses —  and everyone takes advantage of the scenery and nightlife options available in Miami and Miami Beach.   November’s Teacher of the Month, Eri … Read more

January – Student of the Month – Giuseppe!

Edwin chose his amazing student Giuseppe to be his student of the month. Giuseppe, who has been at EC Miami for quite a long time, is from Taranto, Italy. He is now in Edwin’s High Intermediate class. Keep reading to find out more about Giuseppe! Student’s Miami Recommendation You should go to … Read more

January Teacher of the Month – Edwin!

January has been a very busy month at EC Miami, so we are sorry for a belated Teacher of the Month this month. Nevertheless, we are happy to congratulate Edwin for being named our teacher of the month! Edwin, who teaches High Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, is originally from New York, New York … Read more

December Teacher of the Month: Lynnette!

It may be a short month of classes at EC Miami, but we still want to congratulate the amazing Lynnette Rivers who was chosen as our Teacher of the Month for December. Lynnette, who teaches our Low Intermediate class, is originally from North Miami Beach, so she knows the area very well. She is alway … Read more