An ESL Instructor from Colombia

Learn English with EC Miami’s Teacher of the Month

  Congratulations to Gammal Zambrano as he was awarded Teacher of the Month! He is an English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor and he is from Bogota, Colombia. He recommends any visitors and students to go to Flanigan’s in North Miami Beach because it is a nice place to watch sports while you can also enjoy all kinds of beer and the most varied munchies for a reasonable prices. He also implement a healthy lifestyle for the students by leading an EC Miami Basketball Club and play basketball with the students every Wednesday. You can count on him to help you learn English every day! He also awarded Thamer Aldibasi the title of EC Miami Student of the Month.

Ian's excellent teaching skills and his dedication to help EC Miami students learn English gave him the Teacher of the Month Award

Learn English with Our Teacher of the Month: Ian Brailsford

  EC Miami staff appointed Ian Brailsford as teacher of the month. His dedication to help EC Miami run food-based activities for students made it easier for students to learn English informally. Learn more about Ian.   I am an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) instructor from Baltimore, Maryland. Although I have a Master Degree in Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), I have a random job history which includes: civil engineer, archaeologist, barista, caterer for rock stars, and beer. If you are considering visiting Miami during the holidays, I recommend you to eat at Taco Rico on Mondays for $1 tacos. If you like beer, The Abby is a small bar which serves its own micro-brews and is located just a block from the school. The weather is nice here year-round, so you can swim in the ocean even when it’s winter.   Ian Brailsford    

Staff Member of the Month — Mark Little!

The Staff Member of the Month is Mark Little, one of our Full-Time Instructors here at EC Miami.  Students looking at US language schools may see him around! Hometown: Washington, D.C. Mark’s Miami Recommendation: Get off of South Beach and experience the rest of Miami and South Florida!  Catch a Marlins game at Marlins Park and check out Little Havana.  Swim with dolphins in Key Largo.  Go snorkeling in the Keys!  There’s so much more in South Florida than the clubs. Mark’s English Advice: Step outside of your comfort zone and take a chance.  Learning a language is not easy, but it doesn’t happen just by looking at a book and writing answers.  Talk to people.  Read in English 30 minutes a day.  Put away your bilingual dictionary/translator.  The more you depend on translating to your native language, the more difficult it will be.  If I can learn another language, you can do twice as well!

Staff Member of the Month — Michelle Brillouet!

If you take Cambridge ESOL or TOEFL in Miami, you might meet up with Michelle! Hometown:  London, UK Michelle’s Miami Recommendation: GET OFF SOUTH BEACH! There are so many fun things to do on the mainland, why not take that leap of faith. If you haven’t already, go to Wynwood for art walk. Eat at some authentic Central/South American restaurants and see some fantastic street art. One of my favourite places to go for a late night munch is Lost and Found Saloon. Try the burritos and salads, you will not be disappointed. Michelle’s English Advice: Don’t be afraid to say something. Go to a local bar or coffee shop and strike up a conversation with a random person. You never know who you might bump into.

Teacher of the Month — Eric Brown

Students come to EC Miami for many reasons.  Some are here to study for their Cambridge ESOL exams.  Others opt more less intensive courses —  and everyone takes advantage of the scenery and nightlife options available in Miami and Miami Beach.   November’s Teacher of the Month, Eric Brown, is one of the teachers that you may encounter during your time here.  Eric has recently been spending a lot of time with our exam prep students, and last Halloween won the prize for “Best Staff Costume” for his Ninja outfit!   Teacher’s Hometown:  Colorado Springs, CO   Teacher’s Miami Recommendation:  “Art Basel — world-famous international art show with exhibition spaces all over the city.”   Teacher’s English Tip:  “Make all of your sounds in English — even your screams!  Leave the TV on at night when you go to sleep.  Dream in English.  When you wake up, you might remember something.  Finally, forget your native language completely.  You won’t be needing it anymore.”   Thanks and Congratulations to our Ninja teacher, Eric!  

Teacher of the Month – Jeremy

Jeremy Adams Advanced Teacher’s Hometown Andover, Massachusetts   Teacher’s Miami Recommendation   Everyone should definitely check out the Wynwood Art Walk at least once. It happens every second Saturday of the month. I’m not a Miami native, but I found it to be a great way to meet local people and artists and “get off the beach”. Plus, there are food trucks! Teacher’s English Tip The more exposure you can get to English outside of school, the better. Read a newspaper every morning. Attend a concert. Go shopping at the mall (a very tough assignment, I know). See a movie without subtitles.  

January – Student of the Month – Giuseppe!

Edwin chose his amazing student Giuseppe to be his student of the month. Giuseppe, who has been at EC Miami for quite a long time, is from Taranto, Italy. He is now in Edwin’s High Intermediate class. Keep reading to find out more about Giuseppe! Student’s Miami Recommendation You should go to Key West. It’s amazing how many activities are available: fishing, scuba diving, water sports, sightseeing. Don’t forget to get a picture of the “Southernmost Point in the Continental U.S.” If you love clubbing, Nikki Beach on Sunday will be the right place. Edwin’s Comments about Giuseppe The first time I met Giuseppe, he spoke a few words in English, mostly “Hello” and “Yes”.  I was substituting for his class that day and as we were working I saw this extraordinary flash of intelligence combined with enthusiasm.  I thought to myself, ‘This young man is going to move fast.’  I have since had the pleasure of working with Giuseppe in more than one of my classes and have had the good fortune to be part of his learning process.  He is a very hard worker and has progressed very well. He is now conversant in English.  A ‘scruffy’ gentleman, Giuseppe is someone I can always rely on to review the grammar rules with style and finesse!

January Teacher of the Month – Edwin!

January has been a very busy month at EC Miami, so we are sorry for a belated Teacher of the Month this month. Nevertheless, we are happy to congratulate Edwin for being named our teacher of the month! Edwin, who teaches High Intermediate and Upper Intermediate, is originally from New York, New York, so if you have questions about travelling to the Big Apples, ask him! To find out more about Edwin, keep reading! Edwin’s Miami Recommendation   My favorite thing to do in Miami, other than to swim in the ocean is to visit Fairchild Gardens in Coral Gables which is the second largest tropical botanical garden outside of Singapore.  They have rare and endangered tropical plants from all over the world.  One of my favorite areas of the garden is the Di Mare Village which has a special climate controlled building which houses rare Orchids and tropical plants. The building houses a jungle and is very hot and humid inside which can make Miami seem cool.  Also, see the Native Butterfly Garden where the plants are hosts (food and shelter) to the many native butterflies of South Florida. These plants are a little eaten up but are often surrounded by hundreds of butterflies.  For some Miami-Cuban flavor head over to the Versailles Restaurant, pronounced ‘Versayes’, on Calle Ocho.  Everything is good but do not miss the Cuban coffee known as a cafecito: espresso with a lot of sugar, at the end of your meal. Last but not least, go to the Wynwood Art Walk with friends and enjoy the street party in Miami’s burgeoning arts district. Oh, I almost forgot, do your homework! Teacher’s English Tip  When writing ‘I’ in the first person, it is always capitalized; and I mean it!

December Teacher of the Month: Lynnette!

It may be a short month of classes at EC Miami, but we still want to congratulate the amazing Lynnette Rivers who was chosen as our Teacher of the Month for December. Lynnette, who teaches our Low Intermediate class, is originally from North Miami Beach, so she knows the area very well. She is always smiling and we are so happy that she is teaching here at EC Miami. Keep reading to find out more about Lynnette! Teacher’s Miami Recommendation Try to branch out and visit Ft. Lauderdale! Las Olas Beach or Hollywood beach are also beautiful and full of new places to shop and eat! Teacher’s English Tip Read Read Read! The more you read in English the better your English will become! Reading is super important!  You can read novels or magazines, anything as long as you are reading!!

Teachers of the Month…All of Us!

 This month – October – is a special month for teachers because Friday, October 5th is World Teachers’ Day. We will do another blog post this week explaining everything we have planned to celebrate our teachers on this important day. In October, instead of having a Teacher of the Month, we have decided to have TeacherS of the Month at EC Miami because we want to honor all of our great teachers. Therefore, congratulations to Jose, Juan, Eric, Reese, Michelle, Edwin, Lynnette, and Mark! You are all co-teachers of the month and we are very proud of all of you. We know that you work hard everyday to help your students and we are very thankful for all of your patience in the classroom. Our teachers are very helpful and good at what they do, but they also love their jobs. Here are some of the reasons why our teachers love being teachers at EC Miami: “I’m always happiest when I’m interacting with students, helping them improve their English skills, and learning more about the world from their perspectives.” – Reese “I have learned a lot from my students and it is very rewarding to be exposed to so many different viewpoints.” – Eric “My job allows me to meet some of the most interesting people from all corners of the world.” – Juan  “I love teaching because not only do I get to share my knowledge but I also get to learn from my students.” – Michelle